The Global Shares Story

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Global Shares was founded in 2006 with a passion for equity compensation and a vision to build a great company – one that changes the market with our innovative technology while at the same time delivering exceptional administration services to our customers all over the world.

Global Shares’ vision is based on the idea that the world of equity compensation has been unsettled by frequent periods of change over the past decades – from the growth of the internet to the introduction of ever more rigorous reporting and compliance requirements, equity professionals are being pushed to the limit every day.

In order to succeed in such a changeable industry, equity comp professionals need a complete software solution to maximize the potential of their equity plans. The plan needs to be an online, automated process which synchronizes with payroll, HR, tax, accounting and reporting systems. This saves professionals and companies time and money and importantly reduces the risk of manual errors. Whether you opt to manage your equity compensation plans in-house or hand it all over to a third party, a successful plan demands excellent communication and a superior participant experience. Global Shares builds the equity automation software that makes this possible.

We believe that most equity compensation packages are unique and that every company should have the option to have a tailor made solution to meet their needs.

Global Shares offers equity compensation software and administration services to companies all over the world. Unlike many of our competitors we’re independent which means that we can work with any broker partner our clients wish and the fact that we have customers headquartered in over 20 countries, means we have a strong global presence.

Global Shares' Mission Statement

Global Shares is committed to providing world-class independent global employee share plan administration and consulting services to companies around the globe. By leveraging our team of industry experts that focus on excellence, relationships and efficiencies, and through the use of our innovative technical products, we provide services and solutions known for high quality, flexibility and reliability.

Whether you are considering a relationship with Global Shares as a customer, a partner or a team member, we invite you to get to know us – watch our videos, read our blog and follow our social media sites. 



Tim Houstoun, CEO