Global Shares leads the industry with highest CEP exam results

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Global Shares leads the industry with highest CEP exam results

Global Shares has had the highest industry success rate in the Certified Equity Professional (CEP) exams over the past three years, according to the Certified Equity Professional Institute (CEPI) – the certification body for equity compensation professionals, based in Silicon Valley.

The broad-ranging Certified Equity Professional (CEP) exams involve three different levels, covering accounting, corporate and securities law, taxation, plan design, administration, and more, ensuring that CEP designees achieve the required high level of expertise in all of the relevant areas of equity compensation.

Alex Florea, Sr. Director, Certified Equity Professional Institute (CEPI) commented “Congratulations to all the team at Global Shares on consistently achieving the highest industry grades and pass rates in the CEP exams over the past number of years. Your company is clearly committed to education and professional development and the CEP credentials mean your team has the knowledge, experience, and expertise to manage all the moving parts of an equity compensation plan.  It’s like a quasi-insurance policy for clients to prevent errors, which can be damaging, expensive, and complex to fix. CEP expertise has gained huge traction over the past three decades and becomes really valuable, as companies have so many additional regulatory obligations and no room for negligence. Having such a large pool and high ratio of CEPs on the team is a real strength for Global Shares as a service provider”.

Stephen Tabb, HR Director at Global Shares commented “We’ve now got more than 50 managers across almost every section of the business who have completed their Level 3 CEPs exams – beyond our Product and Operations teams into IT, QA, Implementations, Sales, Legal and other departments. Over 100 staff have successfully completed at least one level of the exams and this number is growing. 20% of our workforce now has a CEP qualification – another industry-leading statistic.  We’ve always had the highest regard for the CEP exams due to the depth of knowledge it gives into the equity compensation field. Those who complete the exams gain such confidence, it helps them grow professionally and build their career with us”.

“Our CEP exam success rate is testament to the dedication of all our staff who sit the exams, as well as to our exceptional Learning & Development team who carefully coordinate the exam preparation and the bonus rewards that are given for each CEP level passed. Global Shares CEPs also participate in the CEP continuing education programme, to stay on top of all the latest changes. This recognition from the CEPI is a real endorsement that our investment in our people and professional development is really paying off, which ultimately will benefit all of our clients and partners”.


About the Certified Equity Professional Institute & the CEP Exams

The Certified Equity Professional Institute (CEPI), at Santa Clara University in Silicon Valley, is the only certification body for equity compensation professionals in the US. The CEPI exam curriculum is challenging and in-depth, covering accounting, corporate and securities laws, taxation, plan design, analysis, and administration, ensuring that CEP designees achieve the required high level of expertise in all of the relevant areas of equity compensation. Organisations and individuals use the exams as a measurement of knowledge, skills, and abilities.

The three levels to the exams are as follows:

  1. Basic: The Equity Compensation Associate (ECA) designation teaches the fundamentals of equity compensation. Candidates are introduced to the terminology and are given a basic understanding of policy, procedures, and routine transactions.
  2. Intermediate: In Level II candidates gain an understanding of all aspects of plan administration, including roles of internal and external service providers. This includes familiarity with the specific code and regulatory provisions applicable to equity compensation programs and a thorough understanding of certain common equity compensation-related transactions and issues.
  3. Advanced: In Level III candidates are exposed to various types of multi-dimensional plans. Candidates identify, analyse, and help resolve complex problems, with particular skills in situations that require an understanding of the interaction among several technical areas.

For more information about becoming a CEP, please click here.

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