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API Integration

Transform your tech stack into one robust HR ecosystem

Our API enables seamless integration between your everyday third-party applications and our equity administration platform.

Why API?

Our API creates pathways that allow your work systems to talk to each other, meaning less data entry for you and increased data protection for your organization.


HRIS Integration

Connects with your HRIS

Integrates your participants’ demographic and mobility data for comprehensive reporting and analytics.

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Tax Integration

Connects with your tax services provider

Syncs with third party tax platforms to ensure compliance, advise on law and regulation, and facilitate reporting.

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Payroll Integration

Connects with your payroll provider

Ensures that any changes in payroll data, such as salary adjustments or promotions, are updated within our system in real-time.

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Accounting Integration

Connects with your accounting services software

Enhances financial reporting, compliance, auditing, and financial planning of all equity-related transactions.

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  • peace-of-mind-for-your-data-1

    Data integrity

    Automates data transfer to eliminate the risk of data integrity issues caused by manual handling.

  • time-savings

    Time savings

    Streamlines data transfer processes to increase efficiency and reduce resource allocation.

  • data-exchange

    Real-time data exchange

    Provides instant feedback on the success or failure of each update, increasing transparency and enabling quicker issue resolution.

Product FAQ

  • What is an API?

    An API (Application Programming Interface) is a software intermediary that connects two different applications and allows them to talk to each other.

  • What kind of API does Workplace Solutions use?

    Workplace Solutions uses a rest-based API that uses http requests to access and use data. Rest-based APIs are primarily designed for internal users and applications.

  • How are APIs useful for equity management providers?

    APIs allow businesses to leverage the power of connectivity by extending access to functionality and data to customers, partners, resellers and third-party systems such as Payroll, Tax advisors, and HRIS.

  • What third parties do you partner with?

    Currently, our partners include Deloitte, Standard Charter, KPMG, SAP, ADP, Vanguard, T.Rowe Price, UKG, and Workday.

  • How is the data transfer secure?

    The data is encrypted with HTTPS and we use Oauth 2.0 for authentication and authorization

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