APSS – The Approved Profit Sharing Scheme

  • What is an APSS?

    Global Shares has developed software to fully automate and administer your Company‘s Approved Profit Sharing Scheme.

    The Approved Profit Sharing Scheme is the foremost Irish Revenue approved tax incentive available today.

    It is very popular in Ireland as it offers a host of benefits to Irish Taxpayers and their Employers.

    Employees are allowed to buy shares in their employing company on exceptionally advantageous terms. Employers are seen as more progressive and employee-focused, using this proven profit sharing plan as a method to recruit and retain key employees.

“Employee share incentive schemes can be an effective way of offering tax savings to employees, which encourages employee participation and loyalty.”

  • Why use Approved Profit Sharing Schemes?

    •  An APSS allows employees to participate financially & tax efficiently in the growth of their employing company.
    • Company profit sharing schemes are operated as an effective recruitment and employee retention measure.
    • The employing company obtains tax relief for the funds given to the trustees to acquire shares and the cost of establishing the scheme.
    • It is a proven method of rewarding & motivating an existing workforce and a cost effective alternative to giving cash bonuses or pay rises.
    • There is currently a 10.75% tax saving of PRSI for the employer where remuneration is by way of equity participation rather than cash or other benefits.



    Does my company qualify?


    Typically all Irish based companies, whether they are private or public, can operate an APSS, regardless of where the parent company is geographically based.

Employees can earn €12,700 tax free income by following the applicable rules of the APSS.

  • APSS Software designed fully in-house

    Global Shares developed market leading equity administration software designed entirely in-house.

    • Founded in 2005 with a passion for equity compensation and innovative technology.
    • Proud to work with some of the world’s biggest private and public companies with employees and schemes in over 100 countries.
    • Privately owned and remain 100% independent.
  •  APSS-Software


We add value to your Approved Profit Sharing Scheme

Features of our APSS Software

    • Customised Online Participant Interface using your Company’s Branding
    • Elegant Statements
    • Dynamic Communication Tools
    • Online Employee Enrolment
    • Automated Share Purchase for Public Companies
    • Automated 3 year release facility
    • APSS Education
    • Cashing Out

Let us save you Time and Money

Whether you have an existing scheme or want to set up a new one for your employees, choose Global Shares to ensure that both your APSS participant and Organisation will enjoy a premium experience.

You will gain significant cost savings on the financial and operational aspects of operating the Approved Profit Sharing Scheme.

Working with Global Shares gives you access to industry experts and best practices, giving you peace of mind that comes from our market leading technology and award winning service.

  • ”Our APSS software solution offers unrivalled quality, accuracy and usability and brings significant administration efficiencies and cost savings to the employing company”

    Author's imageTim HoustounGlobal Shares CEO
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Why develop Software specifically for an APSS?

We believe in the power and added value of Tax Incentive Employee Share Schemes. APSS is a growth segment in Ireland. It represents a win-win for Employers and Employees. Our technology simplifies administration. We offer significant cost financial savings to Employers. Eliminate the paperwork and time consuming processes involved in manually administering a Scheme.

Our software is easy to implement, simple to use and compliant. Our highly specialized Share Plan Analysts can provide both general and specific advice in relation to the Profit Sharing Scheme.