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  • The Benefits of Equity Automation

    Equity Compensation is one of the fastest growing and significant aspects to an employer’s arsenal of options to retain and attract key talent.

    Empowering your plan with Data Integrity, Centralisation, Compliance and Self Service

    ” Equity Automation has made a 300% difference in the value delivered to our employees and board members. One immediate and measurable impact was the fact that all the exercise requests we received – ALL of them were sent electronically. Not one employee or Board of Director requested to exercise their options via the old paper forms (which were distributed as an option).
    Katiuska Carlo, Senior Director, Executive & Global Compensation at COTY

    In this document we describe the four key benefits that will come when
    you take the next step to empowering your company’s equity plans:

    • Data Integration
    • Centralisation
    • Compliance
    • Self Service

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    The Benefits of Equity Automation