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Let’s Take Stock Podcast: What’s going on with startup valuations? With Daniel Faloppa

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Last year, VC investment almost doubled to $643 billion, we had 586 new unicorns compared to 167 in 2020, and there were 1,033 US IPOs versus 471 a year earlier.

This year, things are changing – and fast – as share prices continue to fall rapidly. This is thanks to a perfect storm of accelerating inflation, rising interest rates, and geopolitical uncertainty. Not surprisingly, startup valuations are also starting to plummet.

To help us weather the storm, we’re joined by founder of the startup valuations software company, Equidam, Daniel Faloppa.

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Ep 3: What's going on with startup valuations? With Daniel Faloppa
Ep 3: What's going on with startup valuations? With Daniel Faloppa

Topics discussed

  • How 2022 differs from market crashes in 2000 or 2008
  • The positive side of Covid
  • Mistakes some tech giants have made
  • What to consider when valuing benchmarks and multiples for your company
  • Why this is a positive time for founders
  • What you need to show when raising capital
  • Why this market will create big winners

Meet our guest

Daniel Faloppa is the founder and CEO of Equidam. He has finance and tech in his blood. After coding since middle school, Daniel studied finance at university before starting Equidam straight out of his master’s studies. Today, Equidam is the leading provider of online business valuations. More than 130,000 startups and small businesses in 90 countries use it to calculate, understand and negotiate their value.

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