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Employee stock plans contains valuable data: how to use it for growth


Employee ownership comes with a lot of paperwork. It’s just part of the process – if you’re going to give participants something with a tonne of powerful benefits, you’re going to need a lot of paperwork to document how those benefits are shared and tracked, so that they can be properly analyzed and managed.

It’s a time-consuming process and static reports, which are quickly out-of-date, are easily ignored as such. And in the end, if you’re left with a redundant report that you’ve put a lot of time into that is now. Which unfortunately means you’re going to need to redo the process from the start.

Luckily, with Global Shares’ advanced Business Intelligence (BI) Reporting tool, it’s never been easier to compile meaningful reports that will help you do your job and drive growth for your company. No more stressing over spreadsheets – our state-of-the-art tool collects and collates all the data you need and creates comprehensive reports. A single source of up-to-date truth – and it’s as easy as drag-and-drop.


Dynamic reporting

Data changes by the minute, and you need reports that can keep pace. The best share plans are able to adapt – to see patterns in their data and make adjustments as they go. But without the right reporting tool, it’s hard to generate data. Sure, you have a lot of information, but it’s buried in spreadsheets, in paperwork, and in the documentation. All that information might not even be in the same department. And you need to comb through all this information and transform it into data, and then transform that data into analysis and insight.

That’s why we built our BI tool to be dynamic. With our online reporting facility, you can easily create, analyze and reshape reports in real-time. Just one click and you have a new report.

Imagine you’re presenting to the Board, and five minutes before you’re about to go on, you realize you forgot an important field, or they ask to see something new. With a static report, you’re out of luck. But with our BI tool, you have four and a half minutes extra.


Customized Dashboards

To help users of all abilities, the BI tool works with a simple-to-understand dashboard. And we made sure to make it fully customizable.

We have a wide range of dashboards available, from standard dashboards that everyone has access to, to client-specific and even user-specific dashboards. So, depending on their experience and comfort level, users can access either a default or a bespoke experience.

Our widgets make it easy to filter reports with single or multiple elements, ensuring you get the exact report you need. Simple-to-understand tools create simple-to-understand visuals – saving time and ensuring that you can make the most out of your data.


Built for everyone

Like everything we build, our BI tool is designed for both advanced and novice users. As our Product team always says: it’s comprehensive but clear. The BI tool empowers even the most non-technical user to instantly visualize:

  • Geographical maps – participants/awards by location
  • Performance indicator measurements
  • Equity trends
  • Fair value correlations
  • Expense accrual comparisons

Users can either look at the larger picture, or drill down into the details, or combine multiple views for both.

Because that’s the most important tool – simplicity. What use is a tool that saves time, but takes the same amount of time to explain to users? Or a tool that lets you pull down hundreds of reports, but you can’t understand how to pull down just one?

Advanced BI Reporting: it’s just another way we’re making employee ownership simpler.

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