Engagement is everything

You can spend all the time and money you want, but if your employees don’t engage with your share plan, you’re wasting more than just resources – you’re wasting a chance to show them what they’re worth.

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Launch, then nurture

Engagement starts with the launch, but it doesn’t end there – you need to keep your employees engaged for the whole lifecycle of the share plan, from launch to vest and beyond.

We make stock plan communications easy

Literally. We can provide you with a dynamic, easy-to-understand communication campaign, demystifying the equity process for your employees and highlighting all the exciting benefits your share plan offers. In over 15 years, we’ve onboarded hundreds of companies, millions of employees and thousands of share plans – leave the hard work to us.

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Fully bespoke for you and your plan

You can choose from a wide range of communication campaigns – emails, posters, interactive calculators and infographics, guided walkthroughs and animated videos, all the way to live town hall webinars and Q&As. Our standard suites are uniquely branded to your company and plan type – and powered by our decades of experience.


Our standard brochures explain your plan in a way that your employees understand. We break down the key points and principles in easy-to-understand language, with clear and engaging visuals – with your logo added.

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A full suite of communications packages, with your company branding woven into the text, and look and feel. A full, coordinated campaign across multiple channels – emails, brochures, videos, digital posters and video-chat backgrounds – or just a few. Either way, you’re guaranteed higher, longer-lasting engagement.

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Working with a dedicated creative team, a fully bespoke campaign allows you to push the envelope of your brand. We work closely with you to bring your share plan to life with a new original campaign tied to your brand and message.

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