We work closely with partners, advisors, and industry associations to remain current on all regulatory and governance changes on a local and international level. With clients in 100 countries worldwide we have extensive experience working with financial reporting compliance and standards across the globe.


Global Financial Reporting Compliance

Global Shares Financial Reporting offers a consolidated equity system providing all aspects of our clients’ financial reporting requirements.

We pride ourselves on the elegant and anticipatory nature of our development life-cycle. We strive to ensure and guarantee you meet current and future financial reporting compliance.

  • Multi-Layered Flexibility

    Finance transformation on a global scale can pose many challenges and risks.

    Our clients appreciate the time and effort we invest in the success of their plans and we will do the same for you.

    Organizations must strike a balance by achieving the right control through risk mitigation, visibility, consistent quality, and the correct efficiency across processes and systems, while creating the right value for the business at lower cost.

    Our experience with accounting and finance regulations across the globe provides multi-layered flexibility and compliance, for any jurisdiction.

    We help multinational companies from various industries meet their financial reporting requirements everyday with the continuous drive for efficiency at a lower cost by providing clients with our flexible software solutions that can adapt to any business model.

  • Financial Reporting Compliance



    • Black Scholes and Binomial Lattice Valuation methods
    • Multi Grant life model (Valuation at the vesting tranche level)
    • Ability to load historical valuations as well as Fair Value override
    • Volatility and Interest rates calculations and reports
    • Supports all product types including performance based awards
    • Fair value true-up for non-employee awards and liability awards
    • Front loaded and Straight-line expensing methods
    • Expense true-up based on activity date
    • Period lock down feature
    • Extensive set of reports including Fair Value, Expense Accrual, EPS, DTA, Disclosure etc

In addition our IFRS 2 capability incorporates the following features (as per the IFRS 2 standard):

Front loaded / accelerated expenses amortization
Valuation at tranche level
DTA calculation based on estimated actual tax benefit. Determination based on the intrinsic value for each period.
Accrual of employer social tax liability as per award/jurisdiction
Liability accounting triggered for shares withheld for tax.

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