Empower your Employees with this elegant, easy to use, personalized gateway to their equity holdings

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An Employee Participant Portal Designed for you

It’s All About Experience

  • The Global Shares EquityGateway Employee Participant Portal is the most advanced online equity compensation platform in the stock plan administration industry today. It gives your employees 24/7 personalized access to their equity holdings, as well as unprecedented visibility, interaction and control.

    You benefit from a fast, easy-to-implement, fully customizable Employee Participant Portal that is consistent with your company’s brand, language, ethos and corporate identity. With ‘ease of use’ at the core of the Employee Participant Portal, this multi-lingual, multi-currency interface system allows you to optimize your employees’ experience, capitalize on their engagement and simplify the administration of your employee stock plan.

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Benefits of your Employee Participant Portal

Easy to Use On Any Device

Employee Participant Portal Global Shares

    • 1. Overcome international complexities with its multi-lingual, multi-currency capability
    • 2. 24/7 online access from any location and device
    • 3. Powerful communications tool with email and text messaging options
    • 4. Enable employee online enrollment in Purchase Plans
    • 5. Fulfill an endless range of tasks including Grant Acceptance, Tax Elections, Form Filing
    • 6. Does all the work for you! Task Notification, Elections, AGM voting etc.
    • 7. Generate elegant downloadable eStatements at the click of a button
    • 8. Educate employees with resources including videos, Q&As, modeling calculators
    • 9. Allow participants to sell shares online with live stock price feeds
    • 10. Trade shares in real time via any broker with instant trade confirmations

Reduce your workload

Save yourself time. Transform your Equity Administration process. Educate your Employees. Access information online. Generate reports in an instant. Eliminate manual paperwork. Simplify your workflows.

“An elegant Employee Participant Portal for employees with endless functionality.”

  • A global tool for a mobile employee workforce

    Global Shares has offices in New York, London, Ireland, Lisbon and Hong Kong and works with large and small, public and private companies with participants in 50 US States and 100+ countries around the world.

    You benefit from our experience working with companies listed on multiple exchanges worldwide as well as the largest private company in the US, a Fortune 100 company, 4 EuroStoxx 50 companies and a number of FTSE 250 companies.

    Tailor our software to your requirements – by country, by language, by currency, by employee – wherever they are located across the globe.