At Global Shares we offer a range of training packages to clients who use our services. This allows companies to concentrate on the everyday workings of their business without the need to worry about their Equity administration.

    We have thoroughly explored the ways in which we can make software more intuitive for users and are constantly improving our tools in today’s competitive candidate marketplace.


 At Global Shares, we offer you constant guidance with your Equity Plans and keep supporting you right from the beginning with our EquityTraining modules.

See our range of training modules below that each client can avail of:

  • Support to you 24/7

    We are always here for you to answer any questions & guide you through the use of our software by teaching you how to best utilize our tools for your business.

    Want Support?

  • On-site Training

    Our Implementation team can come to you to provide on-site training for you & your teams, where we can demonstrate how to use our software & how you can best make use of our tools in your own corporate environment.

  • One-to-one Training

    Connect with us via remote desktop so we can guide you through any difficulties that you may be having, therefore helping you, help yourself.


    Every step of the way. Find out more about our expert support services.

    Equity Support
  • Online Demos & Webinars

    From the beginning of your journey with us, and with various updates & improvements being constantly made to our systems, we conduct various online demonstrations & conference calls to show you how use our software & how it can be enhanced to make life easier for you.

  • Personalized Process Documentation & Software Specifications

    We provide each client with personalized process & software specification documentation that they can distribute throughout their organisation as an on hand manual for people to refer to. This is a breathing document, that we continuously update with new developments as they come on board.

  • Demo Test Environment Creation

    Global Shares can create clients a custom test environment whilst setting up their plans to conduct various scenarios with test data.

    This unique feature, allows us to work with clients to customize their software build, adapt their systems to their liking by changing, incorporating or excluding specific features.

Talk through your training requirements and see our industry-leading software in action.

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