Webinar: How to Motivate, Reward and Retain in a Bear Market

Content Team September 28, 2023 mins read

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Webinar: How to Motivate, Reward and Retain in a Bear Market

Are you focused on to how to get the best out of your employees and achieve your business objectives in our challenging current economic climate?

If so, now may be the time for you to explore the possibilities around equity compensation in your workplace.

In our latest webinar, ‘How to Motivate, Reward and Retain in a Bear Market’, our panel of experienced industry professionals will take you through all you need to know about how employee ownership can help your company succeed and grow.

Among the points to be explored will be:

  • How businesses that offer equity compensation tend to perform compared to those who don’t
  • How employee share plans impact worker loyalty and drive
  • The long-term strategy at the heart of employee share ownership plans (ESOPs)
  • Making sure that whatever plan is offered will be attractive to employees
  • Pitfalls to avoid
  • Being aware of the admin implications

The conversation will be led by Erin Fraser, VP of Business Development for Global Shares, and she will be joined by Joanna Phillips, Vice President, ESOP Builders.

The information provided in this webcast is intended for informational and educational purposes only; it is not intended as an offer for any specific product or service. ESOP Builders are not affiliated with JPMorgan Chase & Co. The podcast contains the views of a J.P. Morgan employee, which may differ from the views of J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., its affiliates and employees. The views and strategies described may not be appropriate for everyone. Certain information was obtained from sources we believe are reliable, but we cannot verify the accuracy of the content and we accept no responsibility for any direct or consequential losses arising from its use. You should carefully consider your needs and objectives before making any decisions. For specific guidance on how this information should be applied to your situation, you should consult a qualified professional.

Please Note: This publication contains general information only and Global Shares is not, through this article, issuing any advice, be it legal, financial, tax-related, business-related, professional or other. The Global Shares Academy is not a substitute for professional advice and should not be used as such. Global Shares does not assume any liability for reliance on the information provided herein.

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