• More complex plans, larger participant numbers and greater employee mobility is constantly adding to the strain of equity compensation management. Do you want to simplify your employee stock plans and erase the stress of compensation management? Global Shares will find the perfect solution to fit your needs.

    Streamlining the implementation and administration of our equity suite, ensures your equity compensation management is easier than ever before. Our easy to use back end portal, EquityAdmin, enables you to simplify and automate administrative tasks, generate information such as financial reports, and reap the benefits of real-time data.

    Your employees will have 24/7 access to their shareholdings through our front-end user participant portalsEquityGateway. Nothing motivates employees like ownership. Equipped with a portal to manage their own shares, employee interest significantly increases, leading to increased productivity and more informed decision making.

    When designing our technology, we focus on providing ease of use, low running costs and time efficiency.

  • Our clients credit our success down to our client-driven approach, experienced and dedicated team of stock plan analysts and ability to offer a plan to fit any company’s needs. See first-hand why Global Shares is trusted worldwide in over 100 countries, with over 1 million employee participants on our system.

  • Realize your Employee Equity Plan with our exceptional Equity Compensation Management.

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What type of Company are you?

Whether your corporation is public or private, small, regional, national, or global, you get all the tools and expertise you need to give your employees and executives an excellent equity plan service, understand the activity within your employee plans, and stay compliant with regulatory requirements.

No plan is too big. No plan is too small!

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How can our Equity Compensation Management benefit you?

Equity Compensation Management

  • Employee Equity Awards

    Choose from an ample range of equity award types including NQSOs, ISOs, PSS, CSARs, SSARs, RSUs, RSAs, PSUs, Performance & Phantom shares, Approved /Unapproved Options, Executive Stock Options, Cash-based, Warrants and many more other custom award types.

  • Employee Plan Types

    Provided with the comprehensive equity compensation management tool you can administer a wide range of plan types including Approved and Unapproved purchase plans, ESPPs, LTIP’s, JSOP’s and a wide range of other custom plan types.

  • Automation

    Benefit from automating day-to-day stock management tasks. Restricted stock vesting, terminations, expirations and exercises all simplified and hassle free.

  • Roles Management

    No stress, organization of your team and their tasks simplified and made seamless with our role administration features e.g. including administrators, read only users, reports only, HR reporting only, financial reporting etc.

  • Data Management

    Utilize our flexible data import tools and also export information to a broad assortment of management reporting tools using several different formats. Read more at our ”data transformation” blog:

  • Financial Reporting

    Effortlessly develop a wide range of financial reports and equity-specific statements using Global Shares software and see the true benefit of real time data.

  • Equity Events

    Thanks to our equity compensation management your employees can truly benefit of your equity and trading events quickly and easily, such as stock splits or re-pricing.

  • Complete Integration

    Quick and seamless integration streamlines your internal HR and payroll departments as well as third party service providers without interrupting daily business.

Global Coverage

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  • Global Shares’ service opens opportunities to our clients through international coverage and network of partners with companies using a diverse range of equity plans across the United States and worldwide. Push on with your business goals with the confidence that the market leader for equity compensation management is backing you all the way.

    • Accuracy
    • Comprehensiveness
    • Security
    • Efficiency
  • Our Team would be delighted to speak to you about your Equity Plan Administration requirements. Request a free consultation with a Global Shares expert now and learn how our powerful EquityAdmin software can transform your Employee Equity Plan Administration