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  • Communicating your Share Plan

    Whether your company equity plan is designed to increase morale, instil a sense of ownership or as part of an employee retention and remuneration scheme, the way you communicate your plan will have a significant impact on the participation of your employees.

    In this document Global Shares will show you how to answer these fundamental questions:

    • Communicating-your-share-plan
    • Can the plan be presented / understood in one or two sentences? 
    • Does the plan have a General Principle?
    • Are the mechanics of interaction with the plan accessible?
    • Is it easy to understand why this plan exists?
    • Is the timing planned and are you prepared?
    • Is the plan framed in the right perspective?
    • Are YOU talking or are WE talking?

    In this document you will also learn that the most important aspect to introducing your Equity Plan is the way you communicate it to your participants.

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    Communicating your Share Plan