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The world at your fingertips.

Our Global Compliance advisory team is made up of in-house lawyers, tax experts and fully accredited stock plan professionals who work together to ensure your business complies – globally.

Global Shares Global Compliance

Quality assurance and seamless service.

Save time and money with our practical, clear, and cost-effective legal and tax information, which is tailored specifically to your plans and the countries in which they operate. We cut through the complications and provide a clear and pragmatic solution.

Reduce risk.

Our input allows you to be fully compliant from a legal and regulatory perspective.

With Global Shares you get:

Access to a market-leading database
of legal and tax information
Experienced and expert
advisory services

Tailored for you

We realise that each company is unique, so we identify the specific legal and regulatory issues or actions that need to be addressed for each award or vesting – tailored to your needs.

We will help you with:

Legal due diligence reviews (securities laws, exchange controls, employment law, data privacy, translations, communications etc)

Tax compliance (employee & employer)

Plan documents & country-specific wording

Introducing and implementing all types of international employee stock plans

Regulatory filings


Specific projects (electronic signature, data privacy, exclusion wording etc)

Country queries & analysis

Signed-off advice and legal opinions, where needed

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