Our clients come from all walks of life, all over of the world.
    Our Clients’ Headquarters are located in 18 different countries on 4 continents. Collectively our corporate clients have a participant base of over 500,000 eligible employees across 100 countries.


Equity Plan Administration Customers Industry Breakdown:

  • 13

    Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Medical Devices

  • 11

    Construction /Property

  • 8

    IT – Software, Hardware & Services

  • 6

    Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitality

  • 7

    Transport – Supply Chain/Freight/Cargo & Storage – Air, Sea, Rail

  • 6

    Energy & Utilities – Water & Fuels

  • 4

    Food & Drink processing (including Tobacco)

  • 4

    Retail Trade (including motor retail)

  • 4

    Telecommunications, Post, Couriers

  • 4


  • While the core aspects of equity plan administration apply to all industries, Global Shares appreciates that each sector can have its own unique regulatory or compliance related requirements.

    Having worked with customers from a wide variety of industry sectors, countries and cultures for many years we know the importance of being able to adapt our product and service offering for our clients.  Global Shares is uniquely positioned by the level of customization, flexibility and speed with which we can meet the changing needs of our clients.


  • From private companies to those that have gone public or are anticipating an IPO, Global Shares has the tools and expertize to help you realize your goals for your employee equity plan.

    From high-tech to healthcare, retail, finance and energy, Global Shares has developed an unrivalled range of software and service solutions for equity plan administration customers, which can be easily and quickly adapted to deliver value to every industry sector.

  • Equity Plan Administration Customers

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