How to make the most of an integrated, customized and fully-compliant one-stop solution


Why Use Employee Equity Automation Software?

  • Equity Automation Software is used by Companies to automate the equity administration process associated with their Employee Equity Plans, synchronizing data from their payroll, HR, tax, accounting and reporting systems. Web-based equity administration software gives participants 24/7 access to their equity share holdings from any device, whilst eliminating paperwork for the Company and reducing the risk of manual administration errors.

  • A successfully administered Employee Equity Plan demands excellent communication, a superior end-user experience and the capability to adapt quickly to the ever-changing international tax and regulatory environment.

    Global Shares employee equity automation software makes all of this possible, offering Companies an integrated, customized and fully-compliant one-stop solution.

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Types of Employee Equity

  • Employee Equity Automation Software

  • There are many different ways in which a Company can offer employee equity: stock options, restricted stock and restricted stock units, stock appreciation rights, phantom stock, employee stock purchase plan (ESPP), Employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) Each kind of plan provides employees with some special consideration in price or terms.

“The foremost employee equity automation software on the market, fully-customizable to meet your needs.”

  • A Refreshing Client Centric Approach to Employee Stock Management

    As a Client of Global Shares you are assigned a designated Share Plan Manager and dedicated Analyst Team who are responsible for both the implementation and ongoing day-to-day administration of your Employee Stocks Management Plan.

    This team will partner with you to fulfill your daily employee equity plan needs, from ad-hoc reporting requests to remedy any of your participant queries.

  • Speed & Flexibility

    No two share plans are exactly alike.

    Our flexible approach allows us to meet each client’s unique requirements.

    Our Software is built 100% in-house by our team of IT wizards.

    It is managed in-house by our Admin team and serviced in-house by our Analysts.

    We have tremendous flexibility to react to change.

  • Secure

    Maximizing the business value of data means securing it comprehensively. Global Shares offers clients the highest levels of security when it comes to their data. We offer a variety of Login Authentication Options. We maintain accurate Plan Registers by liaising closely with your payroll controllers, ensuring tax and regulatory changes are implemented for local and mobile employees. We work closely with our hosting partner Rackspace to offer multiple hosting locations and a variety of security alternatives as required. Our expert legal department ensures that international guidelines are constantly observed and that the equity data in our systems is protected to the highest standard through our strict adherence to SSAE 16 procedures. Global Shares commitment to Security gives our Clients the peace of mind they need to focus on their daily operations.
  • Employee Equity Automation Software

  • Employee Equity Automation Software

  • Timely & Accurate Reporting

    Our employee equity software is designed to give you an up-to-the minute snapshot of employee stocks and shareholdings, whenever and wherever you need it, on a scheduled or ad hoc basis. These reports are intuitive and can be easily manipulated to display a variety of metrics. Our software has full employee equity reporting capabilities including Administration Reporting, Disclosure Reporting, Financial Reporting – including IFRS and US GAAP – and customized Reporting. This integrated reporting functionality enables fluid communication and accurate reporting between Finance, Payroll and other departments.

International Capabilities

Large company client base

We have offices in New York, California, London, Ireland and Brazil. We work with large and small, private and public companies with participants in 100+ countries around the world.

Our clients consist of companies listed on multiple exchanges worldwide as well as the largest private company in the US, a Fortune 100 company, 4 EuroStoxx 50 companies, and a number of FTSE 250 companies. Our software is available in multi-language and multi-currencies, tailored to each employee, where ever they are located across the globe.

Employee Equity Team

Thought Leaders

Our staff and our management are a key industry advantage for Global Shares. Training and Certification is a core part of our recruitment, training and ongoing development process, which allows us to deliver employee equity expertise and focus that is second to none.

Our Senior Management Team are recognized as industry leaders, regularly presenting at key industry conferences and events worldwide.

Our highly accredited team works together to deliver our mission to change the market with our innovative technology and redefine equity plan management globally.