• Global Shares provides industry-leading Equity Administration Software Solutions for employee stock compensation to large and small, private and public companies across all 50 states and in 100+ countries worldwide.

    You benefit from the fastest, most cost effective setup and running costs because we offer highly innovative cloud based Software, specifically designed for flexibility and simplicity of use.

    You can have a full range of employee stock and equity administration software solutions including comprehensive equity services and financial reporting.

    Our clients attribute our success to date to our refreshing customer-centric approach, the fast, simple and cost effective response from our fully-customizable products and the support they get from our sharp-minded team of experienced Compensation Professionals.

    Clients love the hassle free, simplified and user-friendly solution they get from our equity administration software solution platform, EquityAdmin, removing past administrative complexities and delivering an excellent service and experience for your employees.

  • Equity Administration Software Solutions

  • Equity Awards

    You can manage a wide range of equity award types such as Executive Stock Options, NQSOs, ISOs, PSS,  CSARs, SSARs, RSUs, RSAs, PSUs, including Performance & Phantom shares, Cash-based, Warrants and a wide range of other custom award types.


  • Employee Plan Types

    You can setup and administer a wide range of plan types including Approved and Unapproved purchase plans, ESPPs, LTIP’s, JSOP’s and a wide range of other custom plan types.


  • Automation

    Your day-to-day administration of share plan transactions are simplified by the automated such as restricted stock vesting, terminations, exercises, expirations etc.


  • Roles Management

    You can simply organize your team and their task assignment with our role administration feature types e.g. including administrators, read only users, reports only, HR reporting only, financial reporting etc.


  • Data Transformation

    Your plan can easily be setup using our flexible data import tools and you can export information to all the regular management reporting tools multiple formats. Read more at our data transformation blog.


  • Financial Reporting

    You can easily and quickly generate the reports you need from our comprehensive range of equity-specific statements and financial reports.


  • Equity Events

    You can simply administer your equity and trading events such as stock splits or re-pricing.


  • Simple Integration

    You benefit from fast and simple integration with your internal HR and payroll departments as well as third party service providers.


Nationwide Coverage

  • You benefit from Global Shares coverage and partner network with companies across the US and globally, who use a diverse range of equity plans.

    Companies have different priorities and requirements and our expertise says that all successful equity incentive plans have the following essential basic features:

    • Accuracy
    • Comprehensiveness
    • Security
    • Efficiency

Equity Administration Software Solutions

Our customers have found that Global Shares can design a complete equity administration software solution with these features in mind, which we then tailor to meet each company’s specific  requirements.

Customers benefit from a combination of our EquityAdmin software functionality together with the expert advice, professionalism and care of our customer support team. You can rest assured that Global Shares is your partner of choice for equity administration software solutions.

Your personal relationship manager will know your plan completely and will assist you at all stages in the process.

From the moment you meet your implementation specialist, right through to your ongoing daily support, you will experience the best level of customer service and satisfaction.


  • Transform your Equity Plan Administration with Global Shares Solutions. Let us show you how with a quick demo of our Software.