Equity Compensation Management

Our award-winning technology and commitment to client experience makes equity compensation management seamless and easy. From managing participant data to cross-jurisdiction stock trading, our streamlined solution has it covered.

Management made easy

We integrate key data seamlessly with your stock plan, ensuring that wherever you’re based, whatever your plan type, you’re maximizing the benefits of stock compensation. Manage and monitor your business’s equity plans from one secure place, and keep track of participants, transactions and plan complexity. 

Empower your team

Our role-based access lets your participants log onto their Global Shares portal anytime, anywhere, and see exactly what shares they have and how much they’re worth. Collaboration is quick and easy, allowing every department – Legal, Payroll, HR, and Compensation and Benefits – to stay up-to-date on your company’s share plans.
Long Term Incentive Plans

Designed for you

Whether you’re an administrator or a participant, our customizable platform is lightning-fast, easy to navigate, and provides a clear and up-to-date view of your plans. Along with our secure mobile app, participants can manage their shares anytime, anywhere.

Client Support HP

We’re here to help

Our ‘follow-the-sun’ support team are available at any time, empowering your employees and ensuring your programme runs smoothly.



Our state-of-the-art reporting tool collects and collates all the data you need from our portal and creates comprehensive reports for any stakeholder. Generate equity compensation accounting reports instantly with our extensive financial reporting suite. Analyse individual, up-to-the-minute data on share plan participants and collect information on particular awards or grant types in real time.
Global compliance

Global Compliance

Our team will be there at each step to identify and address the precise legal, regulatory and security issues that apply to you, and adapt when they change, ensuring you remain fully compliant at all times.


Global Shares provides the trading of shares for participants through electronic messaging. Because we’re fully regulated, users can trade across multiple jurisdictions and on all major stock exchanges. They can also execute foreign exchange transactions and distribute proceeds in multiple currencies at competitive rates.


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