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  • Designed for Simplicity

    • Global Shares equity compensation software takes care of your day-to-day stock plan administration tasks, giving your peace of mind and freedom to focus on your key business goals. Our equity compensation software allows you to reward your employees with an exceptional stock plan management experience and the benefits of using a state-of -the-art, innovative, cloud-based software solution. The system also allows you to generate financial reports and equity statements with the simple click of a button, allowing you to track your data in real-time.


    Benefits of Global Shares Equity Compensation Software

    • Technology: You will benefit from the latest, most modern system on the market – EquityAdmin. It is a highly configurable, web based, real-time system, which allows rapid deployment of new system enhancements, unshackled by outdated technology and processes. It has been designed to be able to support all your stock plan needs including on-demand reporting and financial reporting requirements. We invest significantly in continuously enhancing our solution to keep pace with ever-changing corporate requirements and regulatory changes.
    • Share Trading: Global Shares is MiFID and SEC regulated, offering integrated share-dealing, global custody and employee share account services to our clients.
    • Service: We combine decades of share plans knowledge and experience with a first-class IT team. Uniquely, all of our developers have an in-depth knowledge of share plans which enhances the quality of our system development. We continue to invest in our people and to add experienced, customer-centric industry professionals to our team who really understand the needs of our clients, their stakeholders and their plan participants.
    • Focus: Our mission is to be the leading provider of equity compensation solutions globally. Equity Compensation Management Solutions are our sole focus and we exist to provide a first-class service to our clients supported by the best-in-class technology and a refreshing client-centric approach.
    • Global Solutions and Local Support: Companies continue to extend their equity compensation programs globally to employees across numerous countries. They do this for a variety of reasons, but to do this successfully and to ensure colleagues in different jurisdictions can see and understand the value of their equity award your share plan provider must be able service these people efficiently, easily and quickly. Global Shares has the people, technology and enthusiasm to do this. Whether it is local support for employees, the ability for them to hold and sell shares, or simply to value the equity portfolio they have, Global Shares can fulfil these requirements and make sure the equity incentive program is effective and delivered in a cost efficient manner.


    What type of Company are you?

    Whether your corporation is public or private, a small, regional, national, or a global corporation, you get all the tools and expertise you need to give your employees and executives an excellent equity plan service, understand the activity within your employee plans and stay compliant with regulatory requirements.

    No plan is too big. No plan is too small!

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    How can our Equity Compensation Software Help you?

    Equity Compensation Software

    • Employee Equity Awards

      Choose from an ample range of equity award types including NQSOs, ISOs, PSS, CSARs, SSARs, RSUs, RSAs, PSUs, Performance & Phantom shares, Approved / Unapproved Options, Executive Stock Options, Cash-based, Warrants and many more other custom award types.


    • Employee Plan Types

      Global Shares equips you with the complete equity compensation software tool to administer a wide range of plan types including Approved and Unapproved purchase plans, Employee Stock Purchase Plans (ESPP), LTIPs, JSOPs and a wide range of other custom plan types.


    • Automation

      Equity Compensation Software administers day-to-day stock plan transactions. Eradicating the complexity out of restricted stock vesting, terminations, expirations, exercises and saving costs spent on manual training.


    • Roles Management

      Organization of your team and their task assignments simplified and made hassle free with our role administration features e.g. including administrators, read only users, reports only, HR reporting only, financial reporting etc.


    • Data Management

      Effortlessly implement your plan using our flexible data import tools and also export information to a vast range of management reporting tools using several different formats. Read more at our ”data transformation” blog.


    • Financial Reporting

      Quickly and easily generate a wide range of reports from our comprehensive equity-specific statements and financial reportsusing Global Shares equity compensation software.


    • Equity Events

      Experience seamless administration, due to our intuitive equity compensation software, of your equity and trading events quickly and easily, such as stock splits or re-pricing.


    • Complete Integration

      World-class equity compensation software that’s allows lightening quick and simple integration with your internal HR and payroll departments as well as third party service providers without disrupting business.


    Global Coverage

    • Equity Compensation Software Globe

    • Global Shares equity compensation software gives our clients the benefit of international coverage and network of partners with companies using a diverse range of equity plans across the United States and worldwide.

      While we here at Global Shares know every company has different requirements, our equity experts say that all successful equity incentive plans have the following imperative features:

      • Accuracy
      • Comprehensiveness
      • Security
      • Efficiency

    Equity Compensation Software Designed for Flexibility

    Global Shares has become renowned for designing a complete Equity Compensation Software platform tailored to your needs. You benefit from the knowledge that as your needs may change, Global Shares can swiftly adapt to suit these changes.

    Enjoy working with a mixture of our Equity Compensation Software’s functionality as well as with our expert advice and devoted customer care team. You will be provided with your very own personal relationship manager. They will know your plan inside out and will be delighted to help you every step of the way, to ensure you face no difficulties.

    We want to hear your voice and your input so we can perfect our equity compensation software for you! From meeting your implementation specialist, through to your ongoing daily client support, you are going to enjoy the highest and most efficient level of customer service.

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