• You benefit from the most cost effective running costs after a quick and easy set up thanks to our web-based technology, designed for flexibility and ease of use. All your requirements are catered for by our customized equity plan solutions. Our software gives you a comprehensive range of financial reporting and equity administration services, tailored to your unique needs.

    Global Shares is an international industry-leading software provider of equity plan solutions, integrated financial reporting and is also well known for the expert client support services offered to our corporate clients and their employees worldwide.

    Our customers attribute our success over the past 10 years to our client-centric approach, the simplicity and cost effectiveness of our fully-customizable software suite and the support they get from our team of sharp-minded experienced Equity Experts.

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What type of Company are you?

Whether your company is private or public, a small US-based business or an international corporation, you need access to everything you need to support your employees and executives, understand what’s is happening within your employee stock plans and to remain compliant with regulatory requirements.

No plan is too big. No plan is too small.

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Benefits of Global Shares’ Equity Plan Solutions

  • All your queries and concerns will be uncovered in an initial ‘Discovery’ discussion, to identify how best we can meet your needs.
  • A team of specially trained experts, including our Certified Equity Professionals (CEPs) and In-house Software Developers, will guide you every step of the way.
  • Customized equity plan solutions can be tailored quickly and seamlessly for your company.
  • Every type of Grant, Award and Plan can be managed online, from small executive stock option plans to large global stock plans or custom award types.
  • You will be appointed a personal client relationship manager who will know your plan completely and provide assistance at all stages in the process.
  • You and your employees will receive a personalized experience thanks to our sophisticated software and our dedicated support teams.
  • Reduce your workload with our intuitive and advanced Participant Portal, which will do all the work for you. Read more here about our Participant Portal.
  • Global Shares Equity Plan Solutions gives you access all the tools you need to manage information, assist employees and comply with the rules and regulations through the Equity Admin Platform.
  • Save money and time. Global Shares technology will make you significantly more efficient, helping you to reduce costs and save time for your company.
  • You benefit from direct access to equity experts trained in our bespoke Equity Plan Solutions Software.
  • Customers love the hassle free, user-friendly, simplified equity plan solutions they get from our administration software platform, removing past admin complexities and delivering a superior service and experience for your employees.

Can we Provide your Equity Plan Solutions?

Equity Plan Solutions Global-Shares

  • Employee Equity Awards

    You can manage a wide range of employee equity award types such as NQSOs, ISOs, PSS, SSARs, CSARs, RSAs RSUs, PSUs, Performance & Phantom shares, Executive Stock Options, Cash-based, warrants and a wide range of custom award types.


  • Employee Plan Types

    You can setup and administer a wide range of plan types including ESPPs, LTIPs, JSOPs, Approved and Unapproved purchase plans and a range of other custom plan types.


  • Automation

    Your day-to-day administration of stock plan transactions are made easier through the automation of terminations, exercises, restricted stock vesting, expirations etc.


  • Roles Management

    You can easily organize your team and their task assignment with our role administration feature types including administrators, read-only users, reports only, HR reporting only, financial reporting etc.


  • Data Management

    Your plan can be easily set up using our flexible data import tools. You can export information to all the regular management reporting tools in several formats. Read more at our Data Transformation blog!


  • Statements and Reporting

    You can simply and quickly generate the reports you need from our extensive range of financial reports and equity-specific statements.


  • Equity Events

    You can easily administer your trading and equity events such as stock splits or re-pricing.


  • Complete integration

    You benefit from a quick and complete, integrated, web-based solution between your HR and payroll departments as well as third party service providers.


Global Coverage

  • You benefit from Global Shares coverage, partner network and experience working with a varied range of clients and plans throughout the United States and globally.

    All companies have different requirements for their employee equity incentive plans. Our track record and expertise ensure you have all the elements for success covered:

    • Accuracy
    • Comprehensiveness
    • Efficiency
    • Security