• Want to make your administration more efficient and cost effective? Want to enjoy all the benefits of operating an employee stock purchase plan without the challenges associated with manual plan administration?

    Eliminate the complexity, risk and manual administration process involved in your ESPP management.

    Global Shares online ESPP software administration solution combines our vast employee stock purchase plan (ESPP) expertize with daily plan administration, day-to-day transaction processing and participant management.

    Together we can tailor make an ESPP management solution to suit you and your company.

  • We can cater for all your requirements – integrating payroll, HR, finance, taxation, legal and reporting information.

  • Let us show you how our ESPP Management Software can transform your Employee Stock Purchase Plan!


ESPP Software for a better Experience

  • Giving employee online access to their ESPP holdings is critical to helping employees understand how an ESPP works. It increases plan participation as well as allowing employees to transact with ease on their purchased and matching shares.

    ESPP Employee Gateway

    The Global Shares ‘EquityGateway’ Participant Portal is the most advanced online ESPP management platform in the stock plan administration industry. It gives your employees 24/7 personalized access to their ESPP equity holdings, as well as unprecedented visibility, interaction and control.

    With ease of use at the core of the Participant Portal, this multi-lingual, multi-currency interface allows you to optimize your employees’ experience, capitalize on their engagement and simplify the administration of your employee stock plan in an environment that is consistent with your company’s brand, language, ethos and corporate identity.

    Your employees will enjoy the ease of on-line purchase plan enrolment along with withdrawal, suspension and contribution change facilities, downloadable their ESPP statement and much more.

  • ESPP Management Gateway

Advantages of Global Shares ESPP Management Software

When the Global Shares Team set out to build ESPP management software, we wanted to come up with an administration solution that could answer the call of Stock Plan Administrators around the world.

We designed our Solution to:

  • Be functional in fully automating the process of managing an employee stock purchase plan
  • Be designed, built and tested by a team of people who understand ESPP administration
  • Make it easy for Administrators to access data, monitor transactions, communicate with participants and run reports via an intuitive Administrator Portal
  • Offer participants an excellent experience when they log on to their personalized portal to track and manage their ESPP shareholding online
  • Combine the strength of Global Shares reputation for excellent service with advanced technology

“A well-structured ESPP can be a key benefit to both company and employee, as stock ownership through ESPP is proven to increase employee engagement and facilitate employee ownership”

10 Ways our ESPP Management Solutions Benefit you

  1. Simplify administration of your employee stock purchase plan
  2. Save significantly in time and money
  3. Gain access to industry-leading expertise
  4. Empower your employees with an easy-to-follow fully personalised secure online participant portal
  5. Reduce your workload thanks to the automation of key administrative tasks
  6. Enhance security with the choice of a variety of login authentication options
  7. Eliminate risk of lost knowledge, errors and legal issues
  8. Generate ad hoc and automated reports at the click of a button
  9. Assured compliance in terms of integrity of data & accuracy
  10. Gain peace of mind and confidence

Features of Global Shares ESPP Management Software

  • ESPP Management iPad

    ESPP Stock Sale and Transfer Wizards

  • ESPP Management iMac

    Fully Branded employee ESPP website

  • ESPP Management Calculator

    ESPP Calculators for modelling purchases

  • ESPP Management Currency

    Live ESPP Contribution and Purchase Statements

  • ESPP Management Calculations

    ESPP Tutorial Videos and dynamic FAQ’s

  • ESPP Management Cloud

    Cloud web access for ESPP Employees

  • ESPP Management Globe

    Live ESPP query submittal

  • ESPP Management File

    Online ESPP Enrollment,  Withdrawal, Suspension & Contribution Change Facilities

“The Global Shares ‘EquityGateway’ Participant Portal is the most advanced online ESPP management platform in the stock plan administration industry”