Want to Simplify the Administration of your ESPP?

  • Remove the unnecessary stress from administering your employee stock purchase plan (ESPP) by utilising industry-leading ESPP software. Software that allows companies running broad based ESPPs to enjoy all the benefits of operating an employee stock purchase plan without the headaches associated with manual plan administration.

    Do you require an online ESPP administration solution that combines ESPP stock plan expertise with daily plan administration, operational processing and participant management?

    Would expert assistance help you to improve the overall performance of your company’s ESPP?

    Our cloud based ESPP Software is smart, intuitive, easy to use and built to cater for all the complexities of administering an ESPP.

    Together we can design the right ESPP solution for you.

  • All your Employee Stock Purchase Plan requirements are catered for, with a complete range of payroll, HR and reporting tools at your fingertips.

Free consultation & live demo with a member of our ESPP Team. Let us show you how our ESPP Software can transform your Employee Stock Purchase Plan!


Advantages of Global Shares’ ESPP Software


Global Shares is a global provider of highly specialized industry-leading ESPP software, equity plan management services, and reporting tools. We offer specialized ESPP solutions to corporate clients and their employees worldwide.

You benefit from the fastest set up and most cost effective running costs thanks to our settings-based technology, which is developed and managed 100% in-house at Global Shares. All your ESPP requirements are catered for by our online system, offering you a comprehensive range of dynamic equity administration services and exceptional financial reporting tools to transform your Employee Stock Purchase Plan.

“ESPP participants are the passionate employees you want to reward and retain”

Top 10 Benefits of your ESPP Software Solutions

    • 1. Simplify administration of your employee stock purchase plan
    • 2. Save significantly on time and money. We will do all the heavy lifting allowing you to concentrate on your core business
    • 3. Gain access to industry-leading expertize. You’re assigned a Share Plan Analyst and Implementation Manager who will know you, your plan and your requirements completely. They will be there to assist you at every stage of the process
    • 4. Empower your employees with easy-to-follow accessible tools to view and interact with their ESPP online, via your company-branded participant portal 
    • 5. Reduce your workload with the automation of key administrative tasks – tax elections, exercise options, transaction history, task notification, voting, modelling calculators, downloadable statements, grant acceptance, selling shares & much more
    • 6. Enhance security with a variety of choice of login authentication options and a reduced paper trail
    • 7. Eliminate the risk of lost knowledge should a member of your administrative team move on and a new staff member has to learn everything from scratch
    • 8. Generate ad hoc and automated reports at the click of a button, giving you access to all the reporting information and expertise you need to give your employees and executives a superior equity plan service, keep on top of the activity within your employee share plans and remain compliant with regulatory requirements
    • 9. Compliance assured with our automated solution, which ensures integrity of data, accuracy & reduced legal risk
    • 10. Gain peace of mind and confidence knowing you have access to the endless functionality of Global Shares – the best technology in existence in the marketplace & ever-improving due to our commitment to innovation & improvement

Features of Global Shares’ ESPP Software

  • ESPP Software - One

    ESPP Stock Sale and Transfer Wizards

  • ESPP Software - Two

    Fully Branded employee ESPP website

  • ESPP Software - Three

    ESPP Calculators for modelling purchases

  • ESPP Software - Four

    Live ESPP Contribution and Purchase Statements

  • ESPP Software - Five

    ESPP Tutorial Videos and dynamic ESPP FAQ’s

  • ESPP Software - Six

    Cloud web access for ESPP Employees

  • ESPP Software - Seven

    Live ESPP query submittal

  • ESPP Software - Eight

    Online ESPP Enrolment,  Withdrawal, Suspension & Contribution Change Facilities

“A well-structured ESPP can be a key benefit to both company and employee”

How to Improve your Employees’ ESPP Experience

  • Stock ownership through ESPP is proven to increase employee engagement and facilitate employee ownership. Global Shares Software is fully integrated, making it convenient for employees to purchase company stock through payroll deductions. Having an automated ESPP platform is key for employees as it helps align employees’ interests with shareholders as well as creating a cultural corporate identity of employee ownership. Giving employees online access to their ESPP holdings is critical to helping them understand how an ESPP works, it increases ESPP plan participation as well as allowing employees to transact with ease on their purchased and matching shares. The Global Shares ‘EquityGateway’ ESPP Participant Portal is the most advanced online ESPP management platform in the stock plan administration industry.

  • It gives your employees 24/7 access to their ESPP equity holdings, as well as unprecedented visibility, interaction and control. With ease of use at the core of the Participant Portal, this multi-lingual, multi-currency interface allows you to optimize your employees’ experience, capitalize on their engagement and simplify the administration of your employee stock plan in an environment that is consistent with your company’s brand, language, ethos and corporate identity. Your ESPP employees will enjoy the ease of online purchase plan enrollment along with withdrawal, suspension and contribution change facilities, downloadable via their ESPP statement and much more.

“In a well-designed and communicated ESPP plan, everyone puts something into the plan and everyone gets something out of the plan.”

Accounting for ESPPs

Simplify your ESPP Accounting using Global Shares’ Platform

  • Disqualifying Dispositions

    Our software automatically records all disqualifying dispositions at the time of sale to capture the ordinary element on employee Form W-2.

    You can receive automated updates when ESPP shares are sold within either of the following time-frames:

    • Less than one year after purchasing them
    • More than one year after purchasing them, but less than two years after the offering date;

    You can also document all sale information and ordinary income with our ESPP reporting suite.


  • Cost Basis

    It is critical for companies and employees to be able to track cost basis for ESPP purchases and sales, to accurately file taxes and ESPP returns.

    With our platform the compensation income from qualifying dispositions cost basis is recorded as follows:

    • The lesser of the amount of the discount based on the grant date fair market value (FMV), multiplied by the number of shares acquired, or
    • The sales price per share minus the actual price paid per share times the number of shares.

    You can ensure that this critical ESPP information is instantly available to both participants via their online statements as well as to company ESPP administrators.


  • ESPP Taxation

    You can enable tax qualified restrictions, capping employee purchases of more than $25,000 in shares under the plan in any calendar year.

    You can also ensure that all ESPP qualifying dispositions are met to ensure employees have no withholding taxes when ESPP stock is sold.

    The system will automatically apply taxes when disqualifying dispositions occur, based on your ESPP plan rules. With non-qualified ESPPs the system is designed to apply the correct tax treatment.

    Subsequent sales are also tracked and any additional gain on the sale above the market price on the purchase date are reported as capital gains.

ESPPs Administered

If you are operating a non-compensatory ESPP with no look-back and a 5% discount, our Software can be set up to ensure that no earnings charge is taken.

If you are managing a compensatory ESPP, our Software can ensure you generate accurate ASC 718 ESPP expense, deferred tax and ESPP reports – all based off automated ESPP fair value generation and reflecting any ESPP reporting modification that may be required.


Qualified & Non-Qualified ESPP Plan Management

  • What are the Benefits?

    • Ease of online access for all participants and administrators using our cloud-based processing system (EquityAdmin)
    • Login from a range of devices – Desktop access via computer and ESPP mobile access via tablet or smart phone
    • Personalized ESPP communication with our powerful built-in communication tools
    • Tracking of employees ESPP payroll contributions in their employee account
    • Apply ESPP discounts & auto generate matching ESPP shares
    • Enables the purchase of shares on open market or from authorized unissued shares
    • Allows fractional purchases and tracking, with roll forward contribution for full share purchase
    • Tracks shares by cost basis, acquisition date, sale or transfer dates
    • Tracks disqualifying disposition for shares sold from account
    • Ensures regulatory compliance with the ESPP $25,000 limit
    • Facilitate annual form 6039 processing for ESPPs
    • Allows dividend reinvestment or payments
  • Qualified Plans


    Section 423 Plans – Stock is offered to employees, often at a discount from fair market value, using treasury or authorized but unissued shares, in accordance with Section 423 of the IRS code.


    Non-Qualified Plans


    • Contributory plans – Your company typically contributes a specified dollar amount and/or a non-qualified discount toward employee stock purchased on the open market.
    • Discount/match plans – Stock is offered to employees at a discounted price or a company can contribute an amount that matches all or a percentage of the employee’s contribution.
    • Open market plans – Shares are purchased on the open market utilizing regular payroll deductions. There is no discount or company contribution.


  • “Leading ESPP software equates to improved plan participation rates which leads to increased plan effectiveness”