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Private Equity Compensation

  • Private companies are putting equity and stock option plans in place for their employees and these companies require a refined solution for managing private executive compensation and also their stock ownership levels, which are often very complex due to multiple rounds of investment at different valuations.

    The Global Shares private equity software solutions for private companies meets and surpasses these needs and our track record of working and designing executive compensation solutions for the largest private companies in the world puts us at the forefront of private equity software solutions and private equity compensation administration for private companies.

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Private Equity Solutions Focus


    From CAP Table Management to a dedicated shareholder portal for investors and employees we have developed software features specifically for the private equity compensation.

    We have worked with some of the world’s biggest private companies to ensure that our private equity software solutions are the foremost available to private company’s today who offer employee and executive compensation through equity.

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Security for Private Company Executive Compensation

  • For Private companies who offer executive compensation, security around their equity plans and stock data is of the utmost importance.

    In conjunction with our hosting partner Rackspace, Global Shares can offer multiple hosting locations and a variety of security alternatives as required.

    We know we have the best Private Equity Software solutions but we also ensure that the equity data in our systems is protected to the highest standard available both through our hosting partners and also through our strict adherence to SSAE 16 procedures in our private equity software solutions development process.

  • All of this, combined with our expert legal department, ensures that international guidelines are constantly observed allowing your company to feel secure in its daily operations as they relate to Private Company Executive Compensation.

“Global Shares Private Equity Software Solutions have been developed through working with the world’s leading private companies for over a decade.”

Experts & Thought Leaders in the Private Equity Compensation World

  • Global Shares has been working with Private companies for over a decade to produce the market leading private equity software solutions that are used globally today.

    Our stock plan developers and stock plan administrators are a key industry advantage for Global Shares as we consistently develop new features based on new equity regulations and new requests from private clients with executive compensation plans.

    Training and Certification are a core part of our on-going private equity software solutions development process, which allows us to deliver expertise and focus that is second to none.

    Our Senior Management Team are recognized as equity plan industry leaders, regularly presenting our equity software solutions at conferences run by share plan industry organizations worldwide.

    Our highly accredited team works together to deliver our mission to make the best private equity software solutions available to all companies offering private equity compensation.

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“Equity Compensation is fast becoming a critical component in the private company space for attracting & retaining a top class employee base.”

Flexibility & Speed in Delivering Private Equity Software Solutions

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  • Global Shares is committed to your decisions, quick to react and flexible in our approach when it comes to delivering private equity software solutions.

    Our private company equity software has tremendous flexibility to react to changes dictated by a shift in a client’s stock plans strategy or by a regulatory change.

    We release new stock plans software on a regular basis but only after rigorous user and regression testing.

    Global Shares see themselves as an extension of your Private Company’s stock plan administration team, and our equity software makes previously labor intensive processes like large restricted releases and AGM voting much more efficient both from a time and accuracy perspective.

International Capability

Global Shares has offices on both the East and West Coast of the US, London, and Ireland. So, wherever your private company is located, we are in close proximity to work with you on private equity software solutions. We work with large and small Private companies who offer executive compensation to participants in 100+ countries around the world. Our Equity Software solution is available in multi-language and multi-currency, personalized for each employee and shareholder – wherever they are located across the globe.

Reporting for Private Company Executive Compensation

  • When providing private equity compensation for executives, private companies need to ensure associated reporting and disclosures are all made on time and accurately.

    Access cutting edge stock plan reporting tools on a range of devices with a few clicks allowing you to manage and deliver all of your reporting requirements for executive compensation anytime, anywhere.

    Our range of equity reports includes Cap Table reporting, Financial Reporting and executive disclosures and many more.

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Private Equity Software Solutions

Global Shares offers a full range of private equity software solutions for all levels of private companies whether permanently private or in a pre-IPO stage.

Executive compensation for private companies is a complex area and our software allows private companies to automate this area if their business and allow their employees and investors to appreciate and understand benefits of the equity grants and awards that they are being granted.

Our private company equity software extends to all areas of stock plans management and some other key features include: