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The Power of Communication

  • Throughout the life of an equity plan there are times when participants will be required to complete forms, cast votes, make elections or accept awards. Communicating these tasks to participants can be easy, but receiving, recording and tracking the results can be time consuming and costly for the employer organization.

Innovative ways of communication

  • Online Form Management

  • With a few simple clicks participants can complete an online grant acceptance, tax elections, pension elections, self-certifications, tax forms, purchase plan enrollments and participate in option exchanges.

    Each participant will receive an email notifying them of the task to be completed and any outstanding tasks and deadlines are viewable on the participant’s EquityGateway homepage.

By utilizing Global Shares’ EquityAdmin with its in-built notification center, you can notify any participant of outstanding tasks and send automatic reminders to those who have not yet completed certain elections.

These tasks are tailor made to suit your needs with the option to select and extend deadline dates, add associated documentation and create customized content to accompany the task.

Track everything

  • As each participant completes the required task, EquityAdmin records the elections and tracks its completion in an audit trail.

    Reports on the status of an election task can be delivered at any time to the client.

    These are just some of the many features of our comprehensively designed software that can help administer your Equity Plan in an efficient and innovative way.

  • Online Form Management

  • Communication is key

    Global Shares’ online task completion tools minimize the effort required to communicate tasks and manage their results in a simple and efficient manner. EquityAdmin allows for multiple tasks to be open at any one time. Groups can be targeted by country, subsidiary, plan type etc., right down to an individual participant level.

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