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APSS: An Overview [infograph]

A quick and easy overview of Approved Profit Sharing Schemes (APSS), how they work and some of their many benefits for both employers and employees! [infograph]

Global Shares has developed APSS specific software to fully automate and administer your Company’s Approved Profit Sharing Scheme. We believe in the power and added value of Tax Incentive Employee Share Schemes and consider APSS as a “win-win” for both employers and employees.

Our Technology simplifies administration, eliminating paperwork and the time consuming processes involved in manually administering a Scheme,  not to mention the significant financial savings to employers. Our specialised APSS Software is easy implement, compliant and extremely user-friendly.

To get an insight into our technology, watch out some of our APSS videos and for a brief overview of an APSS, take a look at the info-graphic below!


Find out more about the capabilities of our APSS Software!

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