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New! State-of-the-art new BI Reporting

New state-of-the-art BI Reporting 

Visual, interactive, real-time financial reports

Global Shares Business Intelligence (BI) Reporting is one of the fastest and most intuitive tools for equity plan reporting, empowering users to shape and gather real-time information about their equity plan at the click of a button.

The new BI Reporting tool generates highly formatted, multi-dimensional, ad hoc, scheduled and interactive financial reports and is fully integrated into the Global Shares EquityAdmin platform, to meet all clients finance and regulatory requirements. The interactive reporting dashboards take equity plan management to a new level in how they manage, analyse and visually present equity data for client administrators.

Visual, interactive dashboards

The BI Reporting Tool offers the facility to drill-down by location, business unit and participant, displaying information in easy-to-follow interactive maps, bar charts and pie charts with a range of filters in the menu for administrators to select, present and download the information they need in an instant.

Fully Interactive Reports and KPI Dashboards

Static reports quickly become dated and are easily ignored. The new BI Reports help to turn your business into a data-driven enterprise with interactive dashboards that update automatically. You can access the reports online directly from your web browser.

BI Reporting - Global Shares

Complex Data – Easy Reporting

We can connect to your data sources with just a click and create a drag-and-drop data model, immediately building customer-facing dashboards and reports with the help of our dedicated reporting team. Building and sharing dashboards is easy and our reporting team can create meaningful reports for you from multiple data sources (Excel, text/CSV files, any database – SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL) and cloud sources. No additional tools are required. Global Shares is a single-stack BI tool that makes it incredibly simple to work with any data source – structured or unstructured, with no scripting, no expensive hardware and little or no help from IT required.

Make Sure Everyone Sees the Same Data

Decentralised reporting could lead to different departments and stakeholders looking at completely different numbers, which can quickly create messy situations. The BI Reporting Tool puts an end to data silos and spreadsheet dependency, ensuring everyone is working with a single source of truth by using Global Shares as a centralised data repository for all your business intelligence reporting needs.

Customise BI reports in Seconds

With easy to use drag-and-drop capabilities, even non-technical users can use the Global Shares BI reporting tool. You can easily adjust columns and query terabyte-scale data in a matter of seconds.

Looks Great, on Any Device

Global Shares BI Reporting works on any mobile or desktop device  directly through a web browser (with HTML5, mobile-responsive dashboards).

Comprehensive range of reports and dashboards

The tool generates a comprehensive range of reports and dashboards, which include: Grant reporting dashboard, Grant transactions dashboard, Participant & trust change report, Participant & trust detail report, Participant & trust overview, Participant bank accounts, Participant tax & payroll reports, Share issuance dashboard, Trache reporting dashboard, Vest transactions dashboards.

BI Reporting Tool

BI Reporting with a multitude of benefits:

  • Self-service customization of reports, interactive dashboards and data visualisations for any data quickly
  • Easily transforms big complex data from disparate sources into visual BI reports
  • Visually powerful, helping you to see, understand and communicate your share plan data
  • Centralised reporting for all departments
  • Scalable to support your business as it expands
  • Gives lazer focus to your administrative team and adds value to your equity plan
  • Designed to be used by people who need to consume and analyse large or small amounts of data, but have little or no prior experience in data crunching
  • Rapid to deploy, intuitive to configure and customisable, keeping your participant’s user experience consistent
  • Makes analysis of data quicker and easier
  • Easy to use, elegant to present
  • Support is always available from the dedicated Global Shares BI Reporting Team
BI Reporting - Global Shares - TIM Houstoun CEO

Tim Houstoun, CEO of Global Shares pictured at HQ in the West Cork Technology Park, Clonakilty

“Global Shares BI Reporting is an agile business intelligence solution for even the most complex data sets. It gives equity plan administrators greater access to insights to effortlessly analyse their participant data and extract meaningful business intelligence in a robust secure environment that is tailored to their unique organisational brand and needs”

– Tim Houstoun, CEO

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