8 ways to ace your CEP Exam [Infograph]

Learn how to ace your CEP exam by following these useful tips!

With the greatest percentage of Certified Equity Professionals (CEPs) in the industry, we asked the team at Global Shares to share some study tips on how you too can master these industry exams!



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What is a CEP Designee?

Equity compensation is headline news these days, with high-profile companies rethinking their employee ownership strategies. No matter which equity plans are selected – stock options, restricted stock grants, stock appreciation rights, employee stock purchase plans or performance arrangements – they are only as effective as the people who administer them and the processes by which they are administered.

Much of equity compensation covers activities that are performed by multiple individuals in various departments. With communication gaps almost inevitable, administrative tasks may be overlooked. Without a single point of contact to coordinate, communicate, and maintain internal controls, equity plan administration ends up being disorganized, and record keeping incomplete. Potentially serious consequences will result.

The CEP designee is an experienced stock plan professional who can serve as a liaison between all internal and external constituencies, with a complete understanding of the interrelated responsibilities of each.

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About Global Shares

Global Shares is a leading global provider of equity compensation management solutions, providing Share Plan Administration, Global custody, Share-dealing and  Financial Reporting Services to companies and their employees in over 100 countries worldwide. Over the past decade, Global Shares has become a major player in the global share plan management arena.

We develop highly specialised cloud-based software solutions for private and public companies of all sizes to manage their employee equity plans. Our technology platform is developed and managed 100% in-house, whilst our highly skilled team of equity professionals deliver the highest levels of service with a personal touch. Our client listing includes some of the largest and best-known companies in the world who use equity compensation to attract and retain a top class employee base.

Established over 10 years ago, we have offices in the US, the UK, Ireland, Germany, Portugal, Hong Kong and Brazil. Our Software has set a new benchmark for the global share plan administration industry.

For further information please browse our blog or visit www.globalshares.com





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