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Putting employee share options on a global stage

‘Exciting times ahead for Global Shares’

Says Sean Gallagher – Entrepreneur, Business Writer & TV ‘Dragon’

Share options on a Global Stage

Tim Houstoun and Sean Gallagher at the Irish HQ of Global Shares in Clonakilty.

Article published in the Sunday Independent, Business Supplement 05.07.2015

In recent years, we have all heard stories of how employees became millionaires overnight when the company in which they worked and had been given shares, was sold or floated on the stock exchange. The most famous of these being Facebook. While not all cases are as dramatic or life-changing as this example, the practice of offering share options to employees has, for many companies, increasingly become part of the package required to attract, retain and motivate key staff.

“In fact, in the US, as many as 98pc of firms now offer some type of employee share options to their staff,” explains Tim Houstoun, CEO of Cork-based firm Global Shares, as he welcomes me to the company’s offices in the town of Clonakilty.

“Global Shares specialise in developing software and service solutions that allow companies around the world manage their employee share plans,” explains Tim.

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