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Our favourite equity comp stories!

A selection of our favourite Equity Comp stories:

Graffiti artist who took shares instead of cash for painting Facebook’s first HQ seven years ago to make $200MILLION in stock market float
Graffiti artist becomes Facebook multi millionaire
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Ryanair’s O’Leary now a billionaire as stock options gain

Ryanair Holdings Plc CEO Michael O'Leary

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Glenn Elliott: CEO who gave staff £6.5m reveals his secrets for keeping employees happy

CEO Glenn Elliott founded Reward Gateway in 2006

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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Gives a Third of His $200M Stock Back to Employees

Jack Dorsey Twitter CEO

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Apple CEO says people are the most important resource for a company and opens RSU incentive program to all employees.

Apple open RSUs to all staff

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Imagine waking up one morning and selling your entire company to your staff

Dennis Paper & Food Service Employee Owned

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BT awards 1,000 staff under long-term incentive plan

BT awards 1000 staff under long term incentive

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Farley’s dividing 10% profits in employee ‪#‎profit‬-sharing program

Farleys Coffee Shop dividing 10 profit in employee profit share scheme

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Staff take over the driving seat at Alfa multi-million pound Travel Firm

Alfa Travel Firm

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