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Global Shares celebrates Ireland’s first ever Employee Share Ownership Day!

Employee Share Ownership Day

22 June 2017

Global Shares is delighted to join in the celebrations to mark the first ever Employee Share Ownership Day in Ireland!

What is #ESODay2017?

Employee Share Ownership Day 2017 is the national celebration of employee ownership in Ireland and a major opportunity to raise awareness of the economic benefits and positive impact the sector has for employees, employers and the Irish economy.

Employee Share Ownership Day (#ESODay2017) is taking place on Thursday, 22nd June, and is an opportunity for like-minded companies with employee share ownership around the country to join forces and make some noise about their ownership structure and business successes.  It is also a great way for companies who are curious about what employee share ownership might deliver for their business, or who have a general interest in employee share ownership, to find out more.

As a majority employee-owned company specialising in employee share plan management software, the Global Shares team lives and breathes employee ownership on a daily basis. All our employees understand the benefits of share ownership and are highly motivated to provide a first class service to our employee-owned clients around the world. Uniquely all of our IT developers have an in-depth knowledge of share plans, which further enhances the quality of our software development.

Employee share ownership - Gill Brennan CEO IPSA

Gill Brennan, CEO IPSA

The driver behind ESODay2017 is the Irish ProShare Association (IPSA) & its CEO, Gill Brennan, who is determined to shine a light on the many benefits of employee share ownership in Ireland. In creating a vision for the day Gill brought her international counterparts onboard as collaborators, working closely with the Global Equity Organization (GEO) from the US and ProShare from the UK, who bring a depth of experience from their home markets where they focus on promoting employee share ownership, acting as the voice of employee share plan practitioners and enhancing a worldwide network of equity compensation professionals.

 ESO Day Events

The day kicks off in Google EMEA HQ in Dublin and will showcase a series of talks and workshops on employee ownership and employee financial participation. The morning will focus on the latest issues in the world of employee incentives and ownership, featuring tailored seminars and workshops, and numerous networking opportunities.

ESO Awards & Black Tie Dinner

The inaugural Black Tie Awards & Gala Dinner event will become the highlight of the employee share plan calendar in Ireland, celebrating and recognising all aspects of employee share ownership. The inaugural IPSA Employee Share Ownership Awards includes the following categories:

Best New Share Plan

Best International Share Plan

Most Effective Communication of an Employee Share Plan

Best Commitment to Employee Ownership in a small / medium / large firm

Employee Share Plans Champion of the Year

Why consider Employee Share Ownership for your company?

·         Employee share ownership is not just a feel-good factor!

It fundamentally changes the culture within companies, expanding ownership up and down the organisation chain, engaging and motivating employees, creating better internal communication as well as enabling both the employer and employee to make significant savings.

·         Employee share ownership is on the rise.

Statistically, employee owned firms out-perform other companies in terms of productivity, profitability, growth & employee retention. Equity Compensation is being increasingly used by private and public companies around the world to improve their performance and to compete to win the best talent.

·         Government tax breaks offer generous incentives to develop employee share ownership.

In Ireland, Revenue-approved employee share plans such as the Approved Profit Sharing Scheme (APSS) & Save As You Earn (SAYE) schemes are well established and very popular, having been rolled out over the past 35 years.

·         Technology has become a game-changer for administrators of employee share plans.

Equity compensation is highly specialised and can be complex to administer, involving a variety of plan types, multi-currency/multi-lingual requirements and varying levels of customization. Ever-changing legislation and regulation frameworks add to the need to replace traditional manual paper-based processed with a more user-friendly, automated solution.

About IPSA

As the Irish advocacy body for employee share ownership, IPSA has played a critical role in the promotion and development of employee share ownership in Ireland, as well as lobbying the government on the significance of employee share ownership for the Irish economy. The efforts of the organisation have raised substantial awareness of employee equity compensation & its benefits across all industry types. For more information please visit the IPSA website:

IPSA Employee Share Ownership Day webpage

IPSA Awards Dinner web page

About Global Shares:

Global Shares is a majority employee-owned company specialising in equity compensation management solutions, helping companies deliver shares to their employees where ever they are in the world. Global Shares provides Share Plan Administration, Global Custody, Share-dealingFinancial Reporting and expert support services to companies and their employees in over 100 countries worldwide.

We develop highly specialised cloud-based software and service solutions for private and public companies of all sizes to manage their employee equity plans. Our technology platform is developed and managed 100% in-house, whilst our highly skilled team of equity professionals deliver the highest levels of service with a personal touch. Our client listing includes some of the largest and best-known companies in the world who use equity compensation to attract and retain a top-class employee base. Our Software has set a new benchmark for the global share plan administration industry. For more information please visit

For more information:

IPSA: Gill Brennan, CEO Irish ProShare Association (IPSA) | E:

Global Shares: Aisling Riordan, Marketing Manager | E: | T: +353 (0)23 8833 062 |

Aisling Riordan
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