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WEBINAR RECAP | Global Compliance Developments – How to Minimise your Risks

Global Compliance Developments

Watch the full Global Compliance Developments Webinar below!

Continuing our series of 2017 Global Shares equity webinars, Bob Grayson, Partner at Tapestry, joined John Meehan, Managing Director of Global Shares, to discuss recent and upcoming global compliance developments. Listen to industry experts to ensure you’re informed on all the latest compliance news.

During the webinar John & Bob discuss developments including:

  • Global regulation – recent & upcoming updates which may affect you
  • Tax and Regulatory Risks – keeping all the balls in the air!
  • Tax Qualified Plans – do the savings justify the complexity?
  • Documents and Process – can you stay simple and still cover the issues?
  • Remuneration Regulations – new regulation of non-qualified rewards
  • Judgement and process – what is appropriate?

Bob and John conclude that you can go global, if you adopt a risk based compliance approach!

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