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Global Employee Equity Trends Webinar – What we learned


Blog Baker McKenzie WebinarWebinar Recap: Global Employee Equity Trends 

On our Global Shares last webinar we were joined by Denise Glagau, partner and attorney from Baker McKenzie, where we discussed global employee equity trends.

In case you missed it, we’ve put together a short recap. The full webinar can be viewed here:

Gender pay gap and pay equity

The increasing rise of mandatory international pay reporting is something that everybody who works in the world of employee equity and payroll management is aware of.

In the United States, legislation has been passed at a State level, and it looks like a federally mandated gender pay gap reporting metric is about to be rolled out, and incorporated into the pre-existing mandatory pay gap reporting

What do you need to know? If you haven’t already done so, prepare a company wide internal pay audit, and be prepared for increased scrutiny of your companies pay structure.


GDPR One year on

The introduction of General Data Protection Regulation in 2018 has acted as a global catalyst for governments around the world.

For European companies, the direct impact of GDPR has already passed and it is now a fact of life. However, the potential rise of like-for-like compliance internationally is something that companies should be prepared for.

It is recommended that companies re-evaluate the basis of how they hold and transfer data, and revisit data privacy notices and consents.

Modern Workforce

The central theme of the webinar was that the working world is changing at an unprecedented pace. The average length of employment is now anywhere from one to five years depending on industry, age, gender of employee, and the level of job (in addition to what study you read.)

As employee’s are now more mobile than ever, how do you design an employee stock plan that meets its objectives of high enrollment?  One trending approach is –

Automatic everything

In order to insure the highest possible employee stock plan enrolment, automatic award acceptance is becoming more common. Employees are now automatically enrolled in share purchase plan at default rate and may be required to confirm participation and rate within a specified period. This approach results in a shorter administration window, and results in higher rates of participation.

However, there are a number of tax and legal considerations with this approach. Country specific compliance rules need to be reviewed before this approach becomes the norm in international employee equity.

Finally, on Thursday September 5th our next webinar will focus on LTIPs and plan design in the face of market uncertainty. If you’d like to register you can do so here:

Plan Design Infinite Equity

Plan Design LTIPS Infinite Equity Webinar

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