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Why the global growth in Equity Comp? [Webinar]

Why the global growth in Equity Comp? Watch our webinar to find out!



In the first of our 2017 webinar series, industry expert and equity compensation adviser Nick Hipwell of Deloitte joined Mike Baker of Global Shares to discuss the reasons behind a renewed interest in global all employee share plans and what the future might hold.

Over the last 6 -7 years there has been an acceleration in the delivery of equity compensation plans. In this webinar, Nick shares his thoughts on why the acceleration and why both small and large companies are now operating their equity plan globally. Against the backdrop of unconscious globalisation of employee share plans, Nick and Mike look at what has made them popular, what companies see as their purpose and why they offer them in the first place. As well as this, Nick offers some speculation on how to keep them relevant a changing environment.


Some factors which should be considered when operating an all employee share plan:

  • Expanding the culture of ownership
  • Engaging and motivating employees
  • Plan design, flexibility
  • Objectives of the share plan
  • Employee understanding of the plan
  • Communications
  • Tax breaks
  • Feel good factor
  • The gig economy

Watch our webinar on “Why the global growth in Equity Comp?”  to hear what the experts have to say!

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