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Global Shares Hits 1 Million Users Worldwide!

Global Shares 1 Million Users

Global Shares reach new milestones as it goes from strength to strength in the employee equity plan industry.

Ireland, January 25, 2016 – Global Shares, a European (MiFID) and US (FINRA/SEC) regulated company, today announced that it has reached a key milestone in servicing over 1 million users on their new equity plan management software platform. This significant achievement is attributed to the launch of the company’s industry-leading share plan administration technology in early 2015, which has been extraordinarily well received across the employee equity plan industry, helping the company to win many new clients and grow its global employee participant base.

Global Shares has developed a unique type of share trading platform which satisfies the increasingly complex needs of employees and executives of both public and private companies. Such a solution, tailored to the client’s specific requirements, simplifies the process from the granting and exercising of options right through to the sale of shares.

Global Shares equity plan solutions provide real-time trading through FIX electronic messaging, allowing users direct market access to exchanges all over the world. A MiFID and FINRA/SEC regulated status affords Global Shares an advantageous market position as it provides users with enhanced trading solutions in multiple jurisdictions. Furthermore, an ability to execute foreign exchange transactions and distribute proceeds in multi-currencies at extremely competitive rates greatly appeals to the global user base. These key components, coupled with innovative equity plan administration software, give Global Shares the ability to provide a comprehensive solution to clients and end users.

Reaching the 1 million user mark is a remarkable achievement for Global Shares; it demonstrates the quality of our product and our ability to operate at scale. The real-time trading capabilities offered by Global Shares means we provide a full employee equity compensation solution, from administration, software, IFRS2 and ASC 718 financial reporting all the way through to live trading. Clients need look no further as Global Shares offers the complete package. Tim Houstoun – CEO at Global Shares

Global Shares will continue to invest in research and technological advancements, reaffirming an industry-leading position with its powerful suite of equity administration software and trading solutions.


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