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Global Shares sponsor the Irish ProShare Association Annual Conference!

As the Official Sponsor of the 2015 Irish ProShare Association Annual Conference, Global Shares takes to the podium to discuss ‘The Global Experience of Employee Participation


October 8th, 2015 – Global Shares is proud to be announced as the Official Sponsor of the Irish ProShare Association Annual Conference taking place in the Morrison Hotel, Dublin on October 8th, 2015.

IPSA Annual Conference is a forum whereby Irish equity experts come together with both employee owned, and potentially employee owned companies, to understand their growing needs by partaking in industry focused discussion.

The conference is a unique opportunity to network with advisors and industry experts in this field.  From conception to completion of employee ownership a range of speakers will share their experiences, touching on obstacles their companies were confronted with to the huge successes that they subsequently achieved.

As an employee owned company, Global Shares understands the intricacies involved in setting up and developing a positive employee ownership culture at our Headquarters in Ireland and our overseas teams in the US, South America, Brazil, the UK & Europe.

Contributing to the various discussions at the Conference, Global Shares’ own Brian Purcell, CEP, will be directing a session entitled ‘’The Global Experience of Employee Participation.’ This session will focus on the practical experiences of rolling out and managing Employee Shares plans on a global and international basis. Brian has close to 10 years’ experience dealing with employee equity compensation on a global scale, moving from an American based role with Global Shares in NYC to a RoW position in our London office.

As the Irish advocates for employee financial involvement, IPSA has played a critical role in lobbying the government on the significance of employee share ownership for the Irish economy. The efforts of the organisation have raised substantial awareness of employee equity compensation & its benefits across all industry types.

For more information on the IPSA Annual Conference 2015 or to discuss software solutions for employee share plans please reach out to Global Shares via our website or at the contact details below.

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Notes – About Global Shares:

Global Shares is an International Software Company headquartered in Ireland, which for almost a decade has been developing highly innovative web-based software solutions for companies to automate their employee equity plans. With 70 staff and offices in London, Ireland, New York, California and Brazil, the company currently works with over 150 private and public companies in 100+ countries worldwide. The company recently announced major expansion plans, with 80 new high-skilled jobs to be added over the next 2 -3 years. The expansion of Global Shares marks the culmination of a comprehensive phase of software development at the Company, which sets a new benchmark in the equity compensation industry in terms of software customization, functionality and user experience.


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