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New APSS Software launched to administer Approved Profit Sharing Scheme!


*Important Information for Irish-based Companies operating or interested in an APSS*

Employers: Save 10.75% in PRSI Contributions

Employees: Earn €12,700 tax free income

Irish Company Global Shares launches new Software to automate APSS schemes!

What is APSS?

The Approved Profit Share Scheme (APSS) is the foremost Irish Revenue Approved Tax Scheme available today. It is very popular in Ireland as it offers a host of benefits to Irish Taxpayers and their Employers. Staff are allowed to buy shares in their employing company on exceptionally advantageous terms while Employers are seen as more progressive and employee-focused using this proven method to recruit and retain key employees.



 Why implement an APSS?

An Approved Profit Share Scheme gives employees the opportunity to significantly reduce income tax and potentially profit if their company’s share price increases.

It is ideally suited to ambitious and growing organizations and it has become best practice for rewarding and retaining key employees.

Does your Company qualify?

Typically all Irish-based Companies, whether they be private or public, can operate an APSS, regardless of where their parent company is geographically based.

Why did we create APSS specific software?

We firmly believe in the power and added value of Employee Share Schemes, especially those that incorporate a Tax Incentive element

APSS is a growth segment in Ireland

APSS represents a win-win for Employers and Employees

Our technology simplifies administration and delivers significant cost savings to Employers

We can eliminate all the paperwork and time consuming processes involved in manually administering a Scheme

Our APSS Software is quick to implement, simple to use and fully compliant


Key features of our APSS Software:

  • Branded Portal Page, in line with your Corporate identity
  • Online Employee Enrolment
  • Automated Share Purchase for Public Companies
  • Elegant Statements
  • Ground breaking ‘Share Release’ feature built into Software tool
  • Ease of Cashing Out
  • Excellent APSS Education Resources

Whether you have an existing APSS or want to set up a new one for your employees, when you choose Global Shares you ensure that both your APSS participant and your Organisation will enjoy a premium experience.

You will gain significant cost savings on the financial and operational aspects of operating your APSS scheme. By working with Global Shares you will gain access to industry experts and the added peace of mind that comes from using our market leading technology and award winning services.

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About Global Shares

Global Shares is the only Irish owned company, developing market leading APSS software entirely in-house. We were founded in 2006 with a passion for equity compensation and innovative technology. We are proud to work with some of the world’s biggest private and public companies with employees and schemes in over 100 countries. We are privately owned and remain 100% independent.




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