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Product Release: The Global Shares Trust Module

Looking to offer an online facility to track trust entities setup to hold participant’s equity and shareholdings?

Global Shares new trust module facilitates this and much more

Take away the pain of administering complex trust arrangements for equity management.

How does it work?

  • The complex legal structure of a Trust now has a practical software solution. The Trust is presented in aclear online platform where Trustees have full access at all times to view their trust holding information, transactions and documentation.
  • Online Tasks can be made available to Trustees or Advisors as authorized by the company, and these are accompanied by automated notifications and confirmations generated from that task.
  • The Trust Module offers a centralised platform for Trust Advisors where they can oversee their clients’ accounts and manage the trusts accordingly.
  • Clients can also leverage specificTrust reporting that determines Trust shareholding percentages, voting results, Trust composition and much more.



Ciaran_Lyons_Global_Shares_Image   Ciaran Lyons, Global Shares Share Plan Analyst

“The Trust Module was created in order to provide companies with a dynamic module to control all aspects of a Trust. It provides the administrator with complete control when setting up a Trust, creating linkage and applying the correct access and voting rights to that Trust. This is controlled at client level in EquityAdmin and is viewable through the Trust Account in EquityGateway.”

Technical Features

  • Create trust entities in the Global Shares system where you canlink trustees to that Trust. Track their associatedcontact information,Trust jurisdictions &ID’s.Set up bank & payment details in anonline Trust account area with all information visible to the Trustee and theability to update as required;
  • Assign security and permission rights to a Trustee providing them with specific levels of access within their online portal. Assign a lead Trustee with a ‘read-write’ access where they can transact on behalf of the Trust or provide a Trustee with more limited access to simply view their Trust holdings;
  • Live transaction facilities enable the Trustees charged with the Trust to sell, transfer, and exercise on behalf of the Trust, with all associated Trustees and Advisors. Automatic notifications and updates are created by the system accompanying any transacions that occur on the account;
  • For Trusts with a shareholding, voting results for AGM and other proxies may be required. This Trust facility allows an administrator to apply a voting/non-voting task to a specific user with ease. This voting function is derived from our market leading Equity Voting module where we can facilitate different Trust voting matrices depending on the legal formation of that Trust;
  • The Trust Advisor facility allows you to assign a Trust or Financial Advisor to the Trust on the system along with associated access permissions. The same financial advisor can even be setup on multiple trusts. This Advisor has a centralised access platform for all of the accounts that they are assigned to;


Global_Shares_Luis_Fillipe_J._Goncalves_Image   Luis Filipe J. Goncalves,  Global Shares Software Engineer

“My focus was to make the linkage on the Trust accounts extremely user friendly so that Trustees and Trust advisors can be setup instantly. I know I’ve succeeded when I can see 300 plus Trust entities with over a thousand associated trustees and Advisors being setup on EquityAdmin within minutes and then, by default, their online accounts are available for activation with their assigned rights.”


  • The Account Overview section contains a comprehensive outline of all account information for theTrustee or the Advisor. This section contains all associated details of the users access rights on that account. It is a clear and dynamic snapshot giving the user a view of their accounts and associated Trustees/Advisors, all in one place.



Make paper based correspondence and the associated administration costs a thing of the past with the Global Shares Trust Module. With this online facility your team is given visibility of the Trust and it’s associated Trustees and Beneficieries. Shareholdings are displayed in a clear and concise format and Trustees cantransact with ease.

At Global Shares we have seen how this module can transform how companies interact with their associated Trusts and whilst reducing their overheads in administering equity within them.


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