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New State Of The Art Employee Benefits Solution

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Global Shares and Pen-Cal marry technology and flexibility in a state-of-the-art employee benefits solution!

Global Shares – a leading global provider of equity compensation management solutions – today announced its new partnership with executive & employee benefits consulting firm, Pen-Cal. This new partnership will offer clients a state-of-the-art solution to manage both their executive & employee benefits and deferred compensation plans, using an integrated cutting-edge software solution and easy Single-Sign-On access.

Employee stock plans and deferred compensation are valuable components to a company’s overall executive benefit package, helping to retain and reward top employees and executives and are a very effective way to accumulate wealth and save for retirement. To make benefit plans more attractive, employers often add varying levels of customization, which can lead to a host of legal requirements and administrative complexities. In addition there are often multiple vendors, website portals and user names and passwords involved.

The partnership between Global Shares and Pen-Cal will alleviate the complexities faced by administrators by bringing together two specialist employee benefits firms, enhancing their mutual offerings, and giving clients a range of benefits, including:

  • Integrated products and plans on one single platform
  • Easy Single-Sign-On access
  • A user-friendly and fully-branded employee portal
  • Highly customisable to each client’s unique needs
  • Delivered with the highest levels of service and expertise
  • Administrator expertise for both Global Shares and Pen-Cal platforms

The platform is designed to accommodate private and public companies of all sizes and corporate structures, to access the same products and services that would normally only be available to large public companies. The partnership between Global Shares and Pen-Cal ensures that clients have the flexibility and the technology they need to ensure their plans match their company’s overall benefits goals and philosophies.

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“We are delighted to team up with Pen-Cal to use our cutting-edge technology to simplify the increasingly complex needs of employee and executive plan management. Our software solution can support any plan type, multiple rules and legacy requirements and allows us to tailor our portal to the individual branding of each client, offering a personalized and very user-friendly experience. Our skilled team of equity professionals look forward to working with the Pen-Cal team of experts to make this partnership a great success!” – Tim Houstoun, CEO Global Shares



Employee Benefits - Kirk Penland CEO



“We are excited about our alliance with Global Shares as we bring together our collective technology to create Total Benefit Outsourcing (TBO) for executive compensation. These two elements deliver the core of executive benefits on one integrated platform for participants and plan sponsors. Our high-end, specialized benefit consulting firm has the experience and resources to customize every plan and this partnership with Global Shares ensures we will future proof our ability to offer the industry-leading recordkeeping and administrative technology to our clients – Kirk Penland, CEO Pen-Cal


Pen-Cal and Global Shares will start engaging with prospects and clients immediately, to begin taking plans live during the third quarter of 2017.


About Global Shares:

Global Shares is a leading provider of equity compensation management solutions, providing Share Plan Administration, Global custody, share-dealing, financial reporting and expert support services to companies and their employees in over 100 countries. We develop highly specialised cloud-based software and service solutions for private and public companies of all sizes to manage their employee equity plans. Our technology platform is developed and managed 100% in-house, whilst our highly skilled team of equity professionals deliver the highest levels of service with a personal touch. Our client listing includes some of the largest and best-known companies in the world who use equity compensation to attract and retain a top-class employee base. Our Software has set a new benchmark for the global share plan administration industry.

About Pen-Cal:

Pen-Cal is a market leader in Executive Deferred Compensation plan design and administration. Since 1959 Pen-Cal has provided innovative recordkeeping, consulting, and administration solutions to support our clients’ goals & objectives, helping them recruit, retain, and reward their key employees. Pen-Cal’s custom software platform allows for a wide array of plan types and can accommodate all nonqualified deferred compensation plan design. Many of the fortune 500 companies trust Pen-Cal’s expertise and their fully-integrated systems and technology are unparalleled in the industry.

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