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Stock Option Valuation – An Introduction

Understanding the valuation of stock options can assist you with assessing your compensation package and make sound choices about how to manage your stock options. Options give you the opportunity to purchase or sell your affirmed amount of shares of stock at a fixed price within a fixed time. Note that you are not obliged to use the option. The “fixed” price at which the option is exercisable is called the “exercise price,” or the “strike price.”


Stock Option Valuation


Valuation Shortcuts

Valuations are required for stock options distributed by both public and private corporations. Option values can vary depending on the instability of the fundamental stock and the intensity of interest rates, among other dynamics. Furthermore, the type of valuation model used will depend upon the intricacy of the fundamental option and the amount of model flexibility mandated. An added measure of valuation is needed when the option is given by a private corporation, as the value of the fundamental stock must initially be decided prior to the option being valued.

Understanding Stock Option Valuations

The value of stock options is composed of two elements. The first, known as intrinsic value, gauges the paper profit that is accrued at the time stock valuation is determined. For instance, if your option offers you the opportunity to purchase stock at $15 per share and the stock is trading at $18, your option has an inherent value of $3 per share.

The option has added value formulated on the probability for better profit if you resume holding the option. This component of the value differs depending on the expanse of time until the option runs out, amongst other aspects; hence, it is termed time value of the option. The “value” of a stock option is the quantity of its inherent value and its time value.

It is imperative to grasp that option value is not a prognosis, nor an approximation of the possible upshot from continuing to retain an option. Your option may have a value of $8 per share, but wind up generating a profit of $30 per share, or perhaps no profit at all. Option value is helpful data, but it does not portend the future.

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