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Top Talent Acquisition Tricks to Attract Your Dream Team

Top Talent Acquisition Tricks to Attract Your Dream Team minTalent acquisition isn’t just about hitting send on a job spec and hoping the right candidates applies for the position. Having a talent acquisition strategy is key to attracting the right people to your organization. A long-term plan to bring the best and the brightest through the doors is key to a business’s success. After all, what’s a company without its people? Here, we’ve created our top tips for ensuring your talent acquisition strategy is on point.

  1. Core Values

We’ve all heard about the jobs with unlimited annual leave, free food, on site gym membership and other sweeteners that are aimed at luring people in and creating a company that’s an awesome place to work. Think about what you can realistically offer and which employee benefits align with your company’s core values. It could be your maternity and paternity leave policies, your remote working or flexibility capabilities, health care offerings or annual leave. Perhaps you have an employee stock plan or ESOP, giving workers ownership or a share in profits. Whatever the perk, discerning employees definitely think about more than just the paycheck.


  1. Talk the Talk

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A strong brand and messaging that resonates with people is key. HR and marketing are inextricably linked – you need to get the message out there about what a great place your company is to work. Creating a culture that attracts the best and the brightest and communicating this across all your platforms is key. You want people to seek you out because they know that working with you will be good for them, not only for their careers but for their work life balance. Be your brand’s voice on places like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and more. Speak to your marketing team about getting key messages aligned. Engage your existing employees to use platforms such as Glassdoor to review the company and talk about what a great place to work it is. A slick hiring process that’s professionally executed is good for your company’s image. The opposite is also true – sloppy communication or poorly organized hiring practices gives a bad impression.

  1. Get Staff Involved

Think about incorporating an employee referral scheme into your talent acquisition strategy. The best and brightest employees may have worked with others on previous teams who they know would thrive in your company’s working environment. Speak to your existing employees about who they may know and if they can recommend someone to join their team. People who’ve worked together previously could be just the partnership the business needs to grow from strength to strength. Having an official employee referral scheme that rewards people for bringing in new hires incentivizes them to do so by offering them a financial reward or bonus.

  1. Know Your Audience

One size does not fit all and your talent acquisition strategy should reflect this. Depending on who you’re targeting, you will use different channels, different websites and different methods of communicating with the people you hope will join your company. So whether it’s a personalized LinkedIn InMail, a Facebook campaign or an ad in your local newspaper – know who you’re talking to and know where to find them. Tailor made, personalized communications are much better than a generic campaign that tries to speak to everyone and as a result speaks to no one.

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  1. Seeing is Believing 

Visuals are everything and as the cliché goes, a picture paints a thousand words. A video is a key tool when it comes to communicating with potential employees. Create your own company video that will breathe personality into your workplace and showcase what you do and your best assets – your employees. To check out an example of a good company video, click here.


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