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Video! Irish Government embraces Employee Share Ownership


Irish Government Minister Richard Bruton embraced the concept of Employee Share Ownership at an Event held at Global Shares Headquarters recently to launch its new Equity Plan Management Software. 

We captured the highlights in this great short video!



Speaking at the launch of Global Shares new Share Plan Administration Software, Irish Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation said:

“You are offering companies a solution that many now look at by offering employee share ownership as a way in which they can retain and pay staff. They don’t have the cash to pay today but with the prospects of the company growing it’ll be something valuable in the future. You’re providing a tool for companies to develop talent and make sure that their company can nurture the sort of skills that they need to survive and grow. It’s a great technology and really brings share ownership home to the ordinary individual – what it’s about for them, for their company and for their future.”


How was your experience using the Global Shares EquityGateway today?

Very satisfactory! It’s a really nice technology and the way it can be adapted to each company’s own unique offering makes it very user friendly. What impressed me was that not only can you buy and sell shares, you can vote at the stockholder meeting, selecting people, all online, from your hand.


Irish Government Minister Richard Bruton


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