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New Video! Software for Private Company Equity Compensation

This new Global Shares video showcases the impressive range of equity compensation software and services tailored exclusively to Private Companies.

Whether your Company is a Start-Up, Permanently Private or in Pre-IPO status, by watching this video you will discover solutions that bring flexibility, control and efficiencies you might not even have known existed for private companies.

Play here:

Global Shares is the market leading provider of equity compensation management solutions for Private Companies worldwide.

7 key benefits of our software and links to video clips:

Other features:

     Capturing all Grants & Awards

     Multi-Access Capabilities

     Participant Management

     Investor Management

     Shareholder Education

     System Training

     24/7 Expert Support

     Multi Lingual Analysts

     Data Conversion Tools

     Outsourced Administration

     Dedicated Implementation Team

     Global Offices

     Consulting Capabilities

     SaaS Offering

     Scenario Modelling

     Trust Management

For more information on Private Company Software and Service Solutions please reach out to Global Shares via this link:

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Global Shares is an International Software Company, which for almost a decade has been developing highly innovative web-based software solutions for companies to automate their employee equity compensation plans. With 70 staff and offices in New York, California, London and Ireland, the company currently works with over 150 corporate clients in 100+ countries worldwide. The company recently announced major expansion plans, with 80 new high-skilled jobs to be added over the next 2 -3 years. The expansion of Global Shares marks the culmination of a comprehensive phase of software development at the Company, which sets a new benchmark in the equity compensation industry in terms of software customization, functionality and user experience




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