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Webinar | Global Compliance Developments – How to Minimise your Risks

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How will recent and upcoming global regulation updates impact your employee equity plan? How can you minimise your compliance risks in an ever-evolving world?

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Hosted by John Meehan of Global Shares, with guest speaker and industry expert Bob Grayson of Tapestry Compliance, join us as we examine how to manage changes in global regulation, tax, documentation and more.

During the webinar John & Bob will discuss developments including:

  • Global regulation – recent & upcoming updates which may affect you
  • Tax and Regulatory Risks – keeping all the balls in the air!
  • Tax Qualified Plans – do the savings justify the complexity?
  • Documents and Process – can you stay simple and still cover the issues?
  • Remuneration Regulations – new regulation of non-qualified rewards
  • Judgement and process – what is appropriate?

Session Overview:

When: Tuesday 27th June

Time: 09:00 New York; 14:00 London; 15:00 Munich; 16:00 Helsinki

Duration: 45 minutes plus live Q&A

Webinar | Global Compliance Development - How to minimise your risk? John Meehan Global Shares

Global Shares Host – John Meehan, Managing Director Global Shares

Senior Business Development and Client Management Professional with over 20 years of industry experience. Detailed knowledge of all aspects of global stock plan services and employee share-dealing.


Webinar | Global Compliance Development - How to minimise your risk? Bob Grayson Partner Tapestry Compliance

Guest Speaker – Bob Grayson, Partner at Tapestry 

Global compliance expert with 20 years experience in international regulatory and tax filings, due diligence, share incentive plan design, communication, trust & hedging arrangements. Bob leads the development of Tapestry’s innovative compliance database for over 120 countries

Can’t make it? You can still register and we will send you the recording.

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About Global Shares:

Global Shares is a leading provider of equity compensation management solutions, providing Share Plan Administration, Global custody, Share-dealing, Financial Reporting and expert support services to companies and their employees in over 100 countries.

We develop highly specialised cloud-based software and service solutions for private and public companies of all sizes to manage their employee equity plans. Our technology platform is developed and managed 100% in-house, whilst our highly skilled team of equity professionals deliver the highest levels of service with a personal touch. Our client listing includes some of the largest and best-known companies in the world who use equity compensation to attract and retain a top-class employee base. Our Software has set a new benchmark for the global share plan administration industry. For more information please visit

About Tapestry:

Tapestry brings together experience and expertise to provide insight-driven global solutions. We are a team of leaders in our fields who have enjoyed working together over many years. Our aim is to provide practical, commercial and cost-effective advice in developing and implementing global HR policies, incentive plans and employment terms.

We are committed to the share plan world by being active members of the organisations which share best practice – including the Global Equity Organisation, the National Association of Stock Plan Professionals, the European Centre for Employee Share Ownership and Proshare.

Tapestry is made up of two firms:

  • Tapestry Compliance LLP, which is a law firm regulated in the UK by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority through which we provide expert legal and tax advice on all aspects of global HR issues, including employment terms, incentives, pensions and other benefits, and managing global projects.
  • Tapestry Insight Ltd, which is a professional services firm through which we provide online services and databases and training in employee share plans, including the ICSA Certificate in Employee Share Plans and tailored courses designed specifically for clients, and recruitment and placement of expert share plan managers.

For more information please visit:

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