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10 reasons why you need to invest in Equity Administration Software

Be honest – When you are running a business you can tell who’s really helping to drive the business forward. 

As Companies, we should send the message that we value our high-performing employees and that we’re focused on rewarding and retaining them. 

Afterall, if we can attract the best and brightest people, they will in turn raise the value of the company. 

Why you need Equity Administration Software

The magic formula that leading businesses have re-discovered to engage employees is through equity compensation. The basic idea being that incentives like this can be used as powerful mechanisms to reward and motivate a workforce.

And they do actually work… except they generate a realm of administration and paperwork for everyone involved.

New technology has been developed to fully automate share plan administration making life easier for everyone who manages an Employee Share Scheme.

Here’s Why:

10 reasons you should invest:

1    Equity Administration Software makes it easy to administer share plans – whether you want to transfer an existing scheme or start a brand new one.

2    The technology is settings based, meaning that your share plan can be set up in a number of hours – not days or months – saving you time so that you can concentrate on your core business.

3   The software involved is next-generation technology – and is designed to do all the work for you – offering significant administration efficiencies and cost reductions.

4   Employees can access their share plan online, 24/7, using any device – mobile phone, tablet, laptop, desktop. The interface they see is user-friendly and easy to follow.

5   Your employee’s portal page is fully branded reflecting your Company’s identity, featuring your logo, colour scheme, images & personalized messaging.

6   The portal page is available in multi languages & multi currencies, accommodating all your employees where ever they are located across the globe.

7    It is suitable for any company – small or large, public or private –  and all plan types – no matter how simple or complex.

8    It is secure, with a variety of Login Authentication Options to choose from.

9    It has endless functionality – grant acceptance, sell shares, tax elections, exercise options, statements, transaction history, task notification, voting & much more.

10  It allows your Employees to discover the power of their Equity holdings, with tools that calculate financial gains and simulate transactions for them, and the ability to cash in their shares online.


Decades of research have shown that Companies with employee share ownership have higher engagement, greater loyalty and are more profitable. Employee Share Schemes are on the rise, especially in countries where supplementary tax incentives are incorporated into them.

The technology advancements outlined above can only improve the performance of such Schemes and in doing so help Companies deliver on their objective: To attract and retain the best employees in the business. You can’t argue with that, can you..?

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