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HR Professionals

HR and compensation & benefits teams

Supporting your reward strategies

Your people are the heart of your company. Whether recruiting new talent, retaining crucial staff or rewarding top performers, granting employees a real stake in the future of your company is key. Our equity plan administration is tailored to increase engagement while reducing admin.


Recruit, reward, retain

A compelling, financial incentives offering can help your company stand out in a competitive market.

Equity plan managment

Streamline complex stock plan admin

Simplicity is everything. You want a straightforward and intuitive experience, from executives through to entry-level employees. Our system can generate real-time reports to aid analytics and tracking performance, with the ability to integrate with a range of existing systems efficiently, saving you time.

HR Use Case - Desktop Use

Communication and education

Inform. Educate. Inspire

For a great share plan to succeed it needs to be backed by a comprehensive communications strategy, one that educates and inspires. Our in-depth communications packages can help your people understand the value of what you’re offering, with access to information in a range of languages.

Participant Portal - RSU explained

Employee Engagement

Boost participation

When employees have a clear understanding of the value of their equity, they’re empowered to make informed decisions about their equity and their financial future. Through our dedicated mobile app your employees can view their rewards, sell shares, accept grants, exercise options and even vote in your company’s AGM—all through one easy-to-use portal.

HR Use Case - Desktop Use


  • enjoy-an-intuitive-experience

    Enhance employee satisfaction

    Great employees are what help companies succeed. Having an equity plan offering can not only help boost employee engagement and motivation, but could also be instrumental when it comes to retaining top quality staff, and act as a unique enticement when it comes to recruitment.

  • compliance-and-admin-made-easy

    Streamline HR processes

    Share plan admin is time consuming with multiple elements, like vesting schedules and terminations, to track. With a fully digitized system you can save time and cut down the risk of manual errors, while the API interface allows for integration with a range of other systems.

  • compliance


    From dealing with reporting and tax requirements in different jurisdictions to navigating local regulations, knowing that you’re working with a trusted provider who can help ensure your share plans are compliant wherever your company operates, equals peace of mind.

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