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Cap Table Management.

Whether you're an emerging company with ambition, growing steadily through VC funding rounds or are preparing for a future liquidity event. It's essential you are correctly managing your equity ownership and establishing solid foundations for growth. Streamline. Digitize. Grow.

Cap Table Management Simplified
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Your Cap Table software Solution

Simplify complex Cap Table administration into a straightforward and intuitive experience. Reduce the risks of manual error. Manage investors, VC funding, employee equity and 409a valuations from one central location.

Global Shares - Simplify the process

Simplify Cap Table administration

The Cap Table is the very DNA of your company and contains everything a potential investor needs to know about the ownership. The bigger and more successful your company gets the more complicated this becomes.

Global Shares - Empower your SAYE journey

Prepare for future liquidity events

With valuable reporting features simplicity is key. Use Cap Table modeling to understand the impact that future funding rounds could have on the capital structure and ownership of your company while accurately tracking existing VC investor details and employee share plans.

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Keep up-to-date with the latest in employee ownership and equity compensation with the Global Shares Academy.

A Cap Table That Grows With Your Business

  • Simple Cap Table management

    Spreadsheets are no place to manage your Cap Table. Simplify complex administration and time-consuming tasks into a straightforward and intuitive experience. Cut down on manual processes and stay on top of this information confidently.

  • Cap Table modelling

    Get help facilitating your fundraising needs. Run, name, duplicate, and save multiple scenarios simultaneously. Break up proposed investments among new and existing investors. Use the post-money cap table to display the percentage change in equity ownership across each shareholder line.

  • Manage vesting schedules

    Display detailed vesting schedule breakdowns prior to publishing a grant. Edit individual vesting tranches on both share transaction and grant lines to support ad hoc and complex vesting instances.

  • Peace of mind for your data

    Accuracy. Data Integrity. Reliability.

    When it comes to compliance you're covered.

    We're ISO 27001 certified so you can be confident that your information is secure.

  • Compliance & Admin made easy

    Complete control at your fingertips. Keep track of issuing grants and awards, managing vesting schedules & terminations, processing detailed financial reports and staying on top of your regulatory requirements, securities laws, associated tax implications and mandatory data reporting.

  • Grant Acceptance workflow

    Configure online grant acceptance through administrator and participant portals.

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Go from private to public in one system

You don't want restrictions put on your company's ambitions. We can help take you from private to public, local to global. As your company grows you'll want Cap Table software and a provider who can support you at every step of the way, wherever that takes you. What's more our offering is free for up to 100 stakeholders.

Engagement & Retention

Attract, retain, reward. Stand out from competitors to engage and motivate the top quality staff, VCs and investors that you'll want onside to help your business succeed by giving them a genuine stake in your company's future.

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