Five must-have features for your stock compensation platform

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Five must-have features for your stock compensation platform

We’ve been perfecting our stock compensation management software for the past 15 years – making sure we’re at the top of our game when it comes to helping companies harness the power of employee ownership.

There’s no doubt that equity compensation management can be tricky – especially if your company is working with spreadsheets or outsourcing different aspects of it to a number of different providers.

The beauty of the Global Shares platform is that it does all the administrative heavy lifting, allowing our team of expert equity professionals to become an extension of your team. From onboarding your plan participants on our platform, to processing sales and payments – we have the tools and the expertise to take the hassle out of managing your employee stock plan.

Here are some of the features our clients consistently love.


1. Business intelligence tools are vital

Thanks to our software solution, it doesn’t have to be any more stressing over spreadsheets to write reports.

Our BI reporting tool collects and collates all the data you need from our portal and creates comprehensive reports for founders, employees, investors, and partners.

You don’t have to be a tech expert to use our platform – it’s extremely user-friendly for mapping grants by location, line charts to determine equity trends, scatter plots to see fair value correlations, and much more.


2. The product is fully customizable with your branding

Our equity management software solution will look like an extension of your business.

Your branding, your logos and your tone of voice will all feature on every page of your participants’ equity portal. You can also sign up for our bespoke communications packages so that you can keep participants up to date with news and information about their plans. The visually appealing, HTML emails are hugely popular with our clients.
“Being globally compliant doesn’t have to be complicated though… compliance is made up of in-house lawyers, tax experts, and fully accredited stock plan professionals who work together to ensure your business complies – globally.”


3. It complies with your internationally spread and offices in multiple countries worldwide

Introducing a stock plan that caters to all geographical locations and that tracks and complies across multiple jurisdictions comes with its own challenges. Being globally compliant doesn’t have to be complicated though. Our global compliance team is made up of in-house lawyers, tax experts, and fully accredited stock plan professionals who work together to ensure your business complies – globally.

Our practical, clear legal and tax information is tailored specifically to your plans and the countries in which they operate. We help you save time and money because we cut through the complications and provide a clear and pragmatic solution. This is a hugely popular service with our clients; supported by personnel in our offices located around the world for multi-lingual support and multi-currency plan administration.


4. Integrate key data seamlessly with your stock plan

Collaboration between the legal, payroll, HR, and compensation & benefits departments of public companies become super easy.

We also have direct partnerships with selected brokerage firms with whom we’ve developed bespoke application programming interface (API) connections.

The Global Shares’ platform becomes an extension of your business – so it’s really easy to streamline processes across the board thanks to our innovative software solutions.


5. Public or Private? Your company’s stock compensation planning needs are met

Global Shares provides a huge range of equity management services.

Our trading tool is hugely popular and because we’re fully regulated, users can trade across multiple jurisdictions and on all major stock exchanges.

Employees can see stock prices on their plan portal, 24/7 and trading is easy, thanks to a step-by-step transaction wizard that guides users through the process.

Participants receive more favorable corporate rates on trading, rather than individual rates, so they end up with more money in their pockets.

If you’d like to see for yourself how the Global Shares stock plan administration software can help your company, book a one-on-one, no-obligation consultation today and we’ll demonstrate our award-winning software.

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