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Stock Option Management Software

How to simplify your Employee Ownership with Stock Option Management Software?

How can you ensure your Stock Option Management Software meets best practices for the four key factors: Accuracy, Security, Efficiency and Comprehensiveness?

Global Shares can show you how for all employee stock option and equity plan types.

With your company’s own specific requirements and priorities, our Stock Option Management Software provides these four elements as the solid base to your customized solution and our expertise and service to solve your problems quickly and efficiently.

Eliminate the complexity, risk and manual administration process involved in your Stock Option Management management.

Global Shares online Stock Option Management software combines our vast employee ownership expertise with daily plan administration, day-to-day transaction processing and participant management.

Together we can tailor-make a Stock Option Management solution to suit you and your company.


How do Employees and Employers benefit from Stock Option Management?

Employee ownership through stock plans and options is proven to increase employee engagement.

Global Shares Stock Option Management Software is fully integrated, making it convenient for employees to purchase company stock through payroll deductions.

Giving employees online access to their Stock Option holdings is critical to helping employees understand how an ESPP works. It increases plan participation as well as allowing employees to transact with ease on their purchased and matching shares.


ESPP Employee Gateway

The Global Shares ‘EquityGateway’ Participant Portal is the most advanced online Stock Option Management platform in the market. It gives your employees 24/7 personalized access to their stock option and equity holdings, as well as unprecedented visibility, interaction and control.

With the ease of use at the core of the Participant Portal, this multi-lingual, multi-currency interface allows you to optimize your employees’ experience, capitalize on their engagement and simplify the administration of your employee stock plan in an environment that is consistent with your company’s brand, language, ethos and corporate identity.

Your employees will enjoy the ease of online purchase plan enrollment along with withdrawal, suspension and contribution change facilities, downloadable their stock option statement and much more.

Your employees will enjoy the ease of online purchase plan enrollment along with withdrawal, suspension and contribution change facilities, downloadable via their stock option statement and much more.


Advantages of Stock Option Management Software?

When the Global Shares Team set out to build stock option management software, we wanted to come up with an administration solution that could answer the call of Stock Plan Administrators around the world.

We designed our solution to:

  • Be functional in fully automating the process of managing an employee stock purchase plan
  • Be designed, built and tested by a team of people who understand stock option administration
  • Make it easy for Administrators to access data, monitor transactions, communicate with participants and run reports via an intuitive Administrator Portal
  • Offer participants an excellent experience when they log on to their personalized portal to track and manage their shareholding online
  • Combine the strength of Global Shares reputation for excellent service with advanced technology


What are some common Employee Stock Grant Types?

USA Option Grant Types

  • NQO – Non-Qualified Stock Option
  • ISO – Incentive Stock Option
  • PNQO – Performance Non-Qualified Option
  • PISO – Performance Incentive Stock Option

UK Option Grant Types

  • EMI – Enterprise Management Incentive
  • CSO – Company Share Option
  • UKASO – UK Approved Share Option
  • UKUSO – UK Unapproved Share Option

Rest of World Option Grant Types

  • OTCO – Over the Counter Option
  • PO – Premium Option
  • ESO – Employee Stock Option
  • CGO – Capital Gains Option

SAR Grant Types

  • CSAR – Cash Settled Appreciation Right
  • SSAR – Stock Settled Appreciation Right
  • UAR – Unit Appreciation Right
  • PSO – Phantom Share Option


What are the Features Of The Global Shares Stock Option Management Software

  • Software customized and branded to meet your company’s needs.
  • The extensive functionality of our Stock Options Software.
  • Expert equity advice and care they get from our dedicated customer support team.
  • You are assigned your own Personal Relationship Manager who understands your plan in detail.
  • Assistance at all stages during the set-up process.
  • The best level of customer service, from implementation through to daily client support.
  • User-friendly and hassle-free Software, Equity Admin.
  • A fully automated and integrated solution providing an excellent participant experience.
  • You can rest assured that Global Shares is your partner of choice for Stock Administration Software.

We would be delighted to discuss or demo our Stock Option Management Software with you in more detail. Let us show you how with a quick demo of our Software.

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