Mobility & Tracking

Our Mobility & Tracking Features

If your business operates on an international stage and your staff are mobile, this adds a new level of complexity to your employee equity plan. Ensuring the compliance and assurance for your international employees equity awards is a complex set of variables that other companies struggle to resolve.

The Global Shares platform EquityAdmin provides users with the ability to track all participants and their locations over the life of their equity awards. In this way, you always have 24/7 access to a complete history of all participants locations, and have the ability to identify any trailing or future compliance or tax liabilities by any jurisdiction where you do business.

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Our Mobility & Tracking Capabilities:

    • Track full mobility history of all plan participants
    • Create tax triggers for any location based on jurisdictional rules and changes
    • Ability to import historical mobility records from another platform or payroll (in 2014)
    • Self-certification ability for employees to enter mobility information (at company’s discretion – in 2014)
    • Enhanced reporting tools for customised tracking and reporting